Film, Comedy
Another of those mildly titillating high-school films, soulless and self-satisfied, realising the youthful fantasy of being initiated into the joys of sex by an older woman. Uncritically portraying a group of materialistic pupils (at an expensive academy) for whom education is merely a passport to success, politics don't exist, poverty sucks, and women's panties are collected like trophies, the film has Jonathan and Skip as a couple of pretty little room-mates. Unacceptably still a virgin, Jonathan is packed off to Chicago to bed his first woman, unwittingly meets Skip's 38-year-old mother (Bisset), and is seduced in a glass elevator. Naturally the older, unhappy woman is dumped in favour of male buddyness.

By: JE

Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Lewis John Carlino
Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt
Jacqueline Bisset
Rob Lowe
Andrew McCarthy
Cliff Robertson
Stuart Margolin
John Cusack
Joan Cusack
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