Club Le Monde

Given that styles date quickly in films about club culture, writer/director Rumley savvily deals the nostalgia card, setting Club Le Monde circa 1993. Completing a loose trilogy of London-based youth dramas, he links numerous characters over one night at the titular venue. Bubbly Ali (McKenzie) finds herself on the pull in front of her estranged ex-boyfriend; under-age toffs try to score; airheads share powder and gossip in the ladies' room; a tough-nut bouncer betrays his sensitivity; and a gaggle of drag queens stumble into the party. Club owner Danny (Harper) is a narrator of sorts: 'I see men and women, black and white, straight and gay - all getting along fine. That makes me feel glad to be alive, that does.' The devil is in the details, though: hilarious individuals like loved-up loon Mr Sunglasses (Nussbaum), clubbers wearing Carter USM and Silverfish T-shirts, real-life DJ heroes Mr C, Alex P and Brandon Block spinning anthems of the era. It adds up to a wistful rather than glamorous vision, basically a sitcom with a snappy bassline.

By: AHa

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79 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Rumley
Simon Rumley
Danny Nussbaum
Emma Pike
Tania Emery
Lee Oakes
Emma Handy
Tom Connolly
Annette Badland
Frank Harper
Allison McKenzie
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