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Years before he cracked it with the likes of Joe Pesci and Eddie Murphy, Yes, Minister creator Lynn made an uncertain Hollywood debut with this ill-advised screen adaptation of the sleuthing board game Cluedo (Clue in America). New England, 1954 (!), and a certain Mr Boddy is summarily dispatched as his mansion is filled with suspicious guests, each hiding behind a pseudonym (Col Mustard, Prof Plum, etc), each with a motive for perpetrating the dirty deed. Sadly, however, the characters are less credible than their plastic counterparts, the puerile humour is dispiriting, and the plotting pulled this way and that by the conceit of releasing the film in the US with a trio of alternate endings. On Lynn's insistence, British viewers saw just the one - a small mercy.

By: TJ

Release details

Duration: 87 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jonathan Lynn
Screenwriter: Jonathan Lynn
Cast: Eileen Brennan
Tim Curry
Madeline Kahn
Christopher Lloyd
Michael McKean
Lesley Ann Warren
Martin Mull
Colleen Camp
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