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4 out of 5 stars

Anne Hathaway impresses in this wry comedy that's part indie character study and part monster movie

Talk about a sledgehammer metaphor: when aimless party girl Gloria (Anne Hathaway) starts to slip from casual drinker into full-blown alcoholic, her fractured psyche somehow conjures a thousand-foot lizard in South Korea that destroys anything it touches. That's the starting premise for this determinedly bizarre, psychologically inquisitive and in the end rather wonderful black comedy from Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo. Think 'Trainwreck' meets 'Pacific Rim', with a dash of 'Forbidden Planet'.
Gloria's life is already in decline before Godzilla shows up: she's just been booted out by her prissy New York boyfriend (Dan Stevens), forcing her back to her folks' abandoned home in rustic Nowheresville. It's here that she meets Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), a good-natured small-towner with his own bar, and a close circle of dropout buddies into which Gloria slots neatly. And then Seoul gets flattened, and everything takes a turn for the weird.
For the first half, 'Colossal' lurches amusingly if a little awkwardly from smart, snappy indie comedy to oddball disaster movie and back again, carried along by a wry, casually self-mocking performance from Hathaway (complete with a monster fringe). But every time it seems poised to tip into nod-wink hipster self-parody the plot twists, the intrigue deepens and everything gets a little sharper and more savage. Not everyone here is quite who they appear to be, and the city-smashing antics begin to take a back seat to the gripping, at times brutal character melodrama.
'Colossal' could use a spot of tightening up, and there are times when it feels just a little too pleased with its own wilful strangeness. But by the climax all concerns have gone out the window, as Vigalondo delivers an operatic finale that feels both earned and genuinely cathartic. For better and worse, you won't have seen a movie like 'Colossal' before, and you won't again. And that, in itself, is a strong recommendation. 


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Friday May 19 2017
110 mins

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Nacho Vigalondo
Anne Hathaway
Dan Stevens
Jason Sudeikis

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3 out of 5 stars

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Anne Hathaway's been great in a number of films, but it would be hard to describe this film as anything other than complete drivel. At around 20, audience numbers weren't exactly high at Curzon Soho, and after a few walk-outs, a couple who decided to have a conversation mid-way through, and a guy who was well and truly asleep a few rows in front of me, I think it's fair audiences don't 'engage'.  I couldn't wait for it to be over.  One star.


At first, I was unsure. But after reflection, I like this movie (I think).

It is definitely a weird plot with a rather convoluted way to get your point across: Gloria’s mental issue leading to her drinking problems being portrayed via the apparition of a giant monster. Sure.

But in a strange way, it is rather effective. Because you focus so much on the whole storyline you engage with Gloria’s struggles on a deeper level. Once you’ve noticed what happened, it’s too late, you’re hooked.

The oddness of the movie is wonderfully carried away by a phenomenal cast. Hathaway brings raw emotion to her character while Sudeikis manages an imperceptible transformation from his (usual) friendly and harmless persona to one of an embittered, controlling bully through the film. Great skills.

And if you’re still not convinced, just think - it’s not often you see an oddball like this, and that in itself speaks in favour of this movie!


I love quirky movies and understand that you don't always need to make sense of the bizzarity of them, but this was just out and out nonsense that had no rigidity in its strange storyline. Anne Hathaway surprises having taken this role, below her usual standards. The characters are weak and confusing and the storyline lacks depth to make it work. Maybe I just don't get it!


This film goes in fascinating, unexpected directions, veering from a story of alcoholism to one about abuse. And, oh yeah, there's a giant Godzilla-like creature in the mix. Great stuff. 

The plot from this film is so out there it’s positively whacky so I was expecting laughs all the way with this movie. However it did quite quickly turn serious with the familiar movie message of with great power comes great responsibility. The storyline turns dark when Oscar turns from over eager childhood mate to a controlling, manipulative bully. The story was a little slow in places. However it was cool to see such an original plot no matter ridiculous it first sounded. 

I haven't been that freaked out since I saw Donnie Darko as a teenager. A very powerful film that is dark and intense.

A very gripping tale of the dynamics between two childhood friends, relationships and social responsibilities.

The story takes you through an epic love hate relationship of all the main characters, you are not bored at all.

The only thing I wanted was closure of Anne Hathaway's character which you don't get and the film ends quite suddenly with a  lot of unanswered questions but so worth the watch!

Ohhh dear I fear that Mr Huddleston wrote his review through the distorted optics of an Hathaway infatuation, that can be the only possible explanation... either that or he was sloshed.

The premise I like... has legs, pretty original. Sadly a bit too much given away by the trailer but that's by the by. The main problem is that Hathaway is an unredeemable creature, her English boyfriend (well ex-boyfriend to be precise) is the only 'strong' character and he's a bit Hugh Grant... After her break up she heads back home and hangs around with 3 fellow drunks... lots of drunk driving, without consequences... without anyone saying anything! Should that be at all a 'thing' these days? Her ex-school friend is bizarre, unhinged and willing to kill strangers at will and his friends do NOTHING about it... NOTHING... they are wet and pathetic, she is wet and pathetic, he is wet and pathetic...

I was waiting and waiting for someone not wet and pathetic to turn up... with one of the leading characters to redeem themselves but, well that did sort of happen but only in the last 3 minutes! But that's just too late... way too late. 

Sorry, too much unchallenged drunk driving, some very unbelievable characters and some poor acting, sad, interesting high-concept film.