Comedian Harmonists

Film, Drama
The Comedian Harmonists were a popular German sextet of the late '20s/early '30s specialising in sentimental or smutty ditties (inventively arranged) with titles like 'My Little Green Cactus'. A showbiz saga with grisly historical trimmings, the film recounts the assembling of the poverty-stricken musicians during the Depression, their initial setbacks and eventual success; followed by personal tensions, exacerbated by the Nazi ascendancy - half the group being Jews - and their final break-up. It ought to be fascinating, and there are intriguing sidelights: their fans, embarrassingly, numbered the prominent anti-Semite Julius Streicher. But it's relentlessly routine, both on the personal and political level, though the director's affection for the Harmonists' music certainly comes across.

By: BBa

Release details

129 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Vilsmaier
Klaus Richter, Ulrich Limmer, Alfred Holighaus
Ben Becker
Heino Ferch
Ulrich Noethen
Heinrich Schafmeister
Max Tidorf
Kai Wiesinger
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