Film, Action and adventure
A spaghetti Western, and a pretty absurd one. Nero, sporting more costumes than expressions, is a Swedish gunrunner in a straw boater who gets mixed up with hidden treasure and communist revolutionaries down Mexico way. Palance, startlingly like Robert Shaw on a bad day, is a slant-eyed mercenary with a pet hawk and an artificial hand who's pissed at Nero for leaving him nailed to a tree in Cuba. Rey, minus his own voice, is a bespectacled commie professor who advocates Gandhi-esque non-violence but graduates to some serious slaughter by the end. Twangy Morricone score.

By: AO

Release details

Duration: 118 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sergio Corbucci
Screenwriter: Dino Maiuri, Massimo de Rito, Fritz Ebert, Sergio Corbucci
Cast: Franco Nero
Tomas Milian
Jack Palance
Fernando Rey
Iris Berben
Francisco Bodalo
Karin Schubert
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