Confessions of a Pop Performer

Film, Comedy
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No.2 in the Confessions series. Although seemingly directed at the lowest common denominator, with nudes sighted every few minutes to revive flagging concentration and plot, glimpses of a time-honoured British comic tradition can occasionally be discerned: good old smut by way of end-of-pier summer shows, What-the-Butlers-Saw and Carry On films. It's a world of relentless double entendres, verbal misunderstandings, randy wives and cuckolded husbands, groping couples, snapping braces and perpetual coitus interruptus. All remarkably innocent: no one swears and the family is regarded as sacrosanct (the film, after all, is primarily family entertainment).

Release details

Duration: 91 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Norman Cohen
Screenwriter: Christopher Wood
Cast: Robin Askwith
Anthony Booth
Bill Maynard
Doris Hare
Sheila White
Bob Todd
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