Film, Action and adventure
Congo isn't so much a movie as a gigantic theme park, with the name of Michael Crichton (who wrote the original not-half-bad novel) as a flashing attraction. The storylines take in: the return of a talking mountain gorilla to the wilds of central Africa; the discovery of a perfect diamond that can fuel the megalomaniac dreams of Baker's electronics mogul; lots of special effects gadgetry care of explorer-babe Karen Ross (Linney); a grotesquely OTT performance from Curry as a Translyvanian con-man seeking a lost city; an imminently exploding volcano; jungle disasters and mutant animals; Third World governments in turmoil and nice scenery. Dreadfully muddled, but mildly diverting.

By: SGr

Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Marshall
John Patrick Shanley
Dylan Walsh
Laura Linney
Joe Don Baker
Tim Curry
Ernie Hudson
Grant Heslov
Mary Ellen Trainor
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