Imagine that it's 1984 and you go to the cinema dreaming that you're Rita Hayworth, then wake up next morning and find that you are in suburban Auckland, New Zealand - all cheery, scrubbed faces and neat aspirations. A daunting movie subject, which could easily have turned into whimsy and nostalgia; but thanks to a magnificently realised performace by Rees, the film's stab at the tone of the great post-war melodrama is an almost total success. From minor social peccadilloes via debauchery to complete self-abasement, Constance clings to her dream until it destroys her. Combining a real sense of style with some genuine emotion, the film is lush and exhilarating.

By: NR

Release details

Duration: 103 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Bruce Morrison
Screenwriter: Jonathan Hardy, Bruce Morrison
Cast: Donogh Rees
Shane Bryant
Judie Douglass
Martin Vaughan
Donald McDonald
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