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Maintaining the gothic quirks of his debut, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, but adding a welcome layer of queasy childhood angst, Henry Selick’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestseller is an original, entrancing, occasionally worrying fairy tale. When inquisitive pre-teen Coraline discovers a secret door in her family home, she stumbles into a universe of apparent perfection – and underlying danger.

The film’s biggest draw has to be its intricate visuals, particularly in 3D. Selick plays with expectations superbly, presenting a drab, grey-hued world which slowly transforms into a dazzling phantasmagoria of talking cats, flying trapezes and a uniquely terrifying villain. This dark edge will be the biggest test of the film as a commercial prospect: it may be too terrifying for the target audience. But for braver kids – and parents – this is a thrilling, even challenging ride.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Release date: Friday May 8 2009
Duration: 100 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Henry Selick
Screenwriter: Henry Selick

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4.7 / 5

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  • 5 star:16
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This movie was on as part of the Kids Club at Vue so I thought it would be safe for the kids to watch, but it wasn't. The content, dark themes and imagery of the movie can be compared to that of horror movie. This movie should be a 12A and is not one for kids.

Almost all of the negative reviews in the comments are from obviously unintelligent people, but this one takes the cake: "For all you saying this is the best film ever, you obv haven't seen Twilight! " LMAO (the film is amazing, btw. see it.)

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! It was that bad i fell asleep!! I totally agree with other people that this film sholud really be a 12A. I took my 5 year old who was quite frightened by some of the scenes. My 9 year old wasn't too impressed either and also found some scenes made her jump and hide behind her hands. PARENTS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN _ I would advise you not to take your small children to see this. Overall it was a huge disappointment

good day everyone. Well id just like to say i rather enjoyed this film. i think it should be a fifteen though. my mummy thought it was a bit inaprpiate

This movie has taken “the art of movie making� to a higher level - True breakthrough.


CHUBA I like Chicken CHUBA The best film i've ever seen in mii life. Fantastic film watch it in 3D it soo much better then 2D.So plz watch it for me. Good little people :L :D :P :P =) :P :D :) :P :L

I watched it a few weeks back,Horrible animation a big dissapointment would never reccomend it to friends 1 star

Well, what can I say? Coraline is a magnificent film, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This goose-bumping PG, thrilled my daughter, Naomi and I. With a heart-racing storyline, Coraline is the film to see. My daughter is 12 years of age and her exact words after the film were ‘Wow mummy! I want to see it again!’ I couldn’t disagree at all. What a marvellous way to spend 100 minutes of my life, watching an extremely well scripted and action packed film. We saw it in 2D; however it was just as affective. The tension is exhilarating and even jumpy at occasions. You really do create a personal bond with each and every character throughout the film. The look on my daughters face at certain moments throughout the film, were as if she’d seen a ghost. We were both completely into the film and the atmosphere around us was fabulous. Everyone in our screen seemed interested in the film. I would happily sit through this film again... and again! I think I will be the first to buy Coraline on DVD. Pure FANTASTIC entertainment- for all ages! Fabulous! ---- STOP READING THIS NOW AND GO AND SEE THE FILM! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

I'm 14 and I saw it today in 2D, with my friend who found it VERY jumpy!! A unusal storyline and very entertaining for a couple of hours. I would definatly reccomend it! :)

I went to see this film today with my son and his two cousins (ages 5, 7, 11) they loved it, they thought it was very funny and thought the story was great, they haven't stopped talking about it. However we (the adults) thought it was very slow, boring and extremly creepy but as it wasn't for us we can't complain as the kids had a great time. SO GREAT 4 KIDS AND ADULTS BE WARNED :D

i am gonna see it tonight at 9;50 i cant belive i am gonna see it. will tell u wat itts like when i have seen it ,it will be cool

its well cool but scary at the same time but pepole should go and see its the best 3d ever dudes

Lol, me and my mates are gong to see it tomorrow and mi mate niall says it is rubbish but ollie says its great were gonna go see it n 3D lol hope its good tell u about it wen i see it

FINALLY! I've been waiting ages for this to come out! (Now; how do i convince S&S to come with me...) Lol

i think this film sounds really cool but i dont know if my brother or sister will like or wont like lol

Coraline is a somewhat bratty girl who's mad at her parents because they're too busy with deadline projects to deal with her. Her dream-life excursions into a "better" world are beautiful, sweet, and entertaining -- but soon turn sour. The visual appeal of the scenes is amazing. As the film turns scarier and scarier, Coraline just reacts to danger, and rarely plans an effective escape. It would be typical of a pre-teen girl, but doesn't do much for her character's development. The happy ending seems rushed but realistic. There's an echo of the previous evil in the last scene.

Neil Gaiman has been a Scientologist his whole life and the story seems like an allegory for the brainwashing Scientologists endure. The kid has to sew on the button eyes and join them. Meh.