Crossing Delancey

Film, Comedy
Izzy Grossman (Irving) is a NY Upper West Sider, managing a bookstore, arranging readings and literary soirées, whose grandmother Bubbie Kantor (Bozyk) decides that, at 33, she should be married to a nice Jewish man. So she employs the matchmaking services of the overbearing Mrs Mandelbaum (Miles), who introduces Izzy to Sam Posner (Riegert), the pickle man. Meanwhile, Izzy is flirting with egocentric novelist Anton Maes (Krabbé). Her dilemma begins: should she opt for Posner's peck of pickles - dull, reliable, and resistable - or for Maes' seductive sophistication? Some poignant and charming moments undercut the Munchkin aspect of the ethnic elderly portrayed here, but on the whole Silver's direction spoon-feeds chicken soup covered in a slightly unpalatable patina of schmaltz.

By: JGl

Release details

Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joan Micklin Silver
Screenwriter: Susan Sandler
Cast: Amy Irving
Peter Riegert
Reizl Bozyk
Jeroen Krabbé
Sylvia Miles
George Martin
John Bedford Lloyd
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