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Cuban Fury

As film pitches go, ‘Nick Frost and Rashida Jones in a romantic comedy about salsa-mad industrial engineers’ sounds like it was devised during a strenuous game of stringing random words together. James Griffiths’s amiable but flat-footed debut feature sometimes plays that way too, counting on its super-game cast to feel their way through a script that, however droll in concept, is surprisingly short on clear punchlines. They do their disarming best, but the gags still raise more smiles than laughs.

Frost plays Bruce, a doleful, tubby office drone whose social life is limited to equally pathetic golfing buddies and his tiki-bar waitress sister Sam (Olivia Colman, lovable as ever in a Carmen Miranda get-up). You’d never guess that he was once a teenage salsa-dancing champion, until peer bullying drove him to abandon his passion. He’s practically forgotten it himself, until his beguiling new boss (Jones) turns out to be a bit of a hoofer herself.

All of which makes for the basis of a pretty straightforward wallflower-makes-good story – with Chris O’Dowd a welcome sideshow as Bruce’s obnoxious alpha-male rival. Well, supposedly obnoxious, though it’s hard not to feel that the more dynamic leading man is taking the secondary role here. Perhaps a missed opportunity to see Chris O’Dowd and Olivia Colman in a musical about star-crossed Morris dancers?

By: Guy Lodge


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday February 14 2014
Duration: 98 mins

Cast and crew

Director: James Griffiths
Screenwriter: Jon Brown
Cast: Rashida Jones
Chris O'Dowd
Ian McShane
Nick Frost
Alexandra Roach
Olivia Colman
Rory Kinnear

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3.1 / 5

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This is going on my worst 10 films ever list, truly dreadful cliched claptrap with crude script, poor slapstick, and no redeeming features unless you like salsa which I actually do. It feels like everyone involved in this thinks they are hilarious and invite us to laugh along with and secretly admire their self deprecating just isn't funny, that's it. 

My heart sank when I saw the BFI logo and the supporting film with Lottery funds strapline and in my mind I thought "Oh no not another unfunny comedy that can't get commercial funding and is reliant upon lottery subsidy." Nearly two hours later my spirits had barely risen. Its a poor cliche fest reliant on poor sex gags and a thoroughly distasteful character played by O'Dowd. It has jokes that wouldn't have made the cut in a run of the mill 80's sitcom. I expected so much more. Avoid.

As a salsa dancer I looked forward to this. I was disappointed, there is far too much swearing and sex references, which add nothing to the film. I think it'd be funnier if all that was left out. The salsa wasn't convincing by Nick too. It did however leave a little feel good factor afterward, once I had tried to forget the huge amount of unecesary and unfunny sex references.

This Latin-flavoured rom-com is enjoyable to watch and should appeal to most people. It has a constant stream of funny gags that although they won't make you fall out of your seat in hysterics, will 'evoke' some laughter. Like many rom-coms the storyline is a little predictable but the movie is strong enough to maintain your interest. Bruce Garrett played by Nick Frost is an everyday guy who has to deal with his past in order to break through his self-imposed barriers, to get out of his comfort zone and move forward with his life. Bruce may even inspire you to get some of your own one-and-three-quarter inch heels, get some 'heart' and head down to your local mid-week night salsa bar for a bit of fun.

I came along as a guest (thank you lovely) and was my first at a Premiere, although I know the Prince Charles Cinema well and what a lovely, warm hearted and so funny film to see! The film made everyone in the audience laugh out loud more than once, not just the little giggles, but full on belly laughs. Highly recommend, it will leave you with that nice warm glow in your tummy..and made me want to go out dancing! Thank you to all at Time Out, I will now be getting my own Time Out Card! The staff at PPC were wonderful and helpful as always.

First, my fury. Can you imagine, a strike's called on the tubes, so you use your car, thus negating the possibility of dinner and drinks after the film. And then, at the very last minute, the strike is called off, leaving you to wander Soho, inhaling the deliciousness that is Chinese food, knowing that you have to get back, to move the car, which is now redundant anyway. Grrrrrr! So anyway, my one indulgence at The Prince Charles Cinema was a cheeky Shiraz (thank you Dawnie). I love this place, I've been before a couple of months back, for a Rocky Horror sing-a-long. What a fabby little venue. Small, with enormous seats and lovely staff. Top banana! Smack in the middle of Chinatown. The film was funny. In the expected funny bits, it was titter-worthy. In the unexpectedly funny bits, it was full-on belly laugh. And there were quite a few of those. Nick Frost, perfectly cast as the office junior, down at heel, down on his life, down on his luck, overweight and under-loved. And Chris O'Dowd as his boss and oppo, smarmy and irritating. Cheesy n sleazy. Ian McShane played.........himself, the loveable rogue as always, to perfection. Olivia Colman was knockout as the sister, and the storyline believable. Set in the 80's, this is a male version almost, of Brigit Jones, with some seriously flash dance scenes, and lots of verve. Go see.

Came away from this clicking my heels, looking forward to dancing the merengue in 3 week's time in Dom Rep. Abiding memory, the cover of Balls Of Sweat 4 in the closing credits. A real hoot. Loved it!

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Premiere of this film, although never having been to a premiere before, I didn't realise that it was going to be shown in more than one screen at the same time, so we were in a smaller screen away from the celebs. The film has a strong cast and good characters in it. It was a gentle boy meets girl and naughty boy tries to ruin it storyline with some very funny parts and it is well worth going to see. Watch out for a cameo by Simon Pegg - he didn't even speak, but just the look on his face made it one of the funniest bits in the film.