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ET in ‘ET The Extra Terrestrial’ (1982) What is it?A lone alien who’s stranded on Earth and just wants to get home. How cute?A little wrinkly, perhaps, but big eyes and a bigger personality go a long way. Would it make a good pet?Yes, in many ways. He’s good-natured and doesn’t mind being dressed up. But keeping this one in a cage is a tad cruel. And he’d need his own phone. Read more
Ewoks in ‘Return of the Jedi’ (1983) What is it?A species of cuddly, forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers living on the moon of Endor. How cute?They look like teddies. How much cuter do you want? Would it make a good pet?Well, their appearance is based on the pet dog the Shih Tzu, although they are more than capable of looking after themselves. Read more
Stitch in ‘Lilo & Stitch’ (2002) What is it?Experiment 265 to you, Stitch is an alien genetic creation designed to cause havoc. How cute?Very, if you go for the mischievous alien koala bear look. Would it make a good pet?Yes, definitely, if you’re a Hawaiian girl called Lilo. Not so much for anyone else. Read more
Squid Baby in ‘Men In Black’ (1997) What is it?A wriggly alien squid-like baby delivered by Jay (Will Smith) in the back of a car. How cute?Rather slippery, but who can resist this almond-shape, doting-eyed tentacle-sucker? Would it make a good pet?You might have to ask its parents first. Read more
Child aliens in ‘District 9’ (2009) What is it?The young of the aliens disparagingly known as ‘prawns’. How cute?As pointed out by the film, these aliens’ features don’t correspond to human notions of beauty – but it’s touching to see a small child bonding with its parent. Would it make a good pet?More of an adopted child, perhaps. Read more
Echo in ‘Earth To Echo’ (2014) What is it?A small friendly alien robot stranded on earth and found by kids. Sounds familiar… How cute?In a techie kind of way, this is one of the cutest ones: tiny, hovering, big eyes, funny noises. Would it make a good pet?It’d certainly be loyal to the right child, but its true home is somewhere else altogether. Read more
Little Green Men in ‘Toy Story’ (1995) What is it?Promotional plastic alien toys – or, in the Buzz Lightyear TV series, actual aliens. How cute?Massively. These guys have one up on the others: they have three big eyes apiece. They also squeal in unison, which is always a great trick. Would it make a good pet?As long as you can inspire worship, absolutely. Read more
The Fix-Its in ‘Batteries Not Included’ (1987) What is it?A family of robotic presumed-aliens who take up residence in the shed of a Manhattan apartment building. How cute?Small, bleepy and friendly enough to engage. Would it make a good pet?Excellent – playful and helpful around the house. Read more
Aliens in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ (1977) What is it?Shadowy aliens that emerge from the mothership in one almighty finale. How cute?The lead alien is smiley and friendly, and their basic body shape resembles children, which is naturally cute. Would it make a good pet?We can but wonder. Read more
Baby Megamind in ‘Megamind’ (2010) What is it?An eight day-old blue baby alien sent to Earth, who turns into an ‘incredibly handsome master of all villainy’. How cute?Cuter than a baby Superman. Would it make a good pet?Not without some serious taming. You might want to lock up your valuables. Read more
Little aliens in ‘Galaxy Quest’ (1999) What is it?Tiny humanoids with chirpy voices on an alien planet. How cute?As Gwen (Sigourney Weaver) notes, they’re very cute – until they leap onto an injured one of their number, fangs out. Would it make a good pet?Only for someone you really dislike. Read more
Martians in ‘Mars Attacks!’ (1996) What is it?A group of Martians who come to Earth in Tim Burton’s comedy sci-fi. How cute?The exposed brain is a little off-putting, but they are at least colourful and friendly – at first… Would it make a good pet?Categorically not. Read more
Station in ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’ (1991) What is it?A pair of bumbling hairy aliens who have the ability to merge into one large one. How cute?Kind of ugly, but cute in a funny way. Would it make a good pet?Only if you have a very large house. Read more
R2-D2 in ‘Star Wars’ (1977) What is it?An ‘astromech droid’ from the planet of Naboo. How cute?Visually acceptable, but this one’s all about the perky personality. Would it make a good pet?For sure – just ask C-3PO. Read more
Woola in ‘John Carter’ (2012) What is it?The Woola that befriends John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is a former guard dog on an alien planet. How cute?As cute as a huge fat slobbering dog. Would it make a good pet?Perfect: Woola follows John Carter faithfully and even saves his skin. Read more
Paul in ‘Paul’ (2011) What is it?Voiced by Seth Rogen, this is one sarcastic grey humanoid who befriends a pair of sci-fi fans (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost). How cute?Like a faintly annoying but adorable teenager. Would it make a good pet?More of a sidekick, really. Good at parties. Read more
The Na’vi in ‘Avatar’ (2009) What is it?Sapient blue humanoids on the moon Pandora. How cute?A gentle and peaceful people, they are perhaps more pretty and appealing than cute. Would it make a good pet?That would be a trifle patronising. Read more
Mogwai in ‘Gremlins’ (1984) What is it?Okay, so it’s a bit of a cheat, but the theory goes these little critters were created by an alien scientist, so theoretically they originate from the sky. How cute?Are you kidding? Look at those big eyes. Would it make a good pet?No, as ably demonstrated by the film ‘Gremlins’, in which they turned into menacing monsters. Do not be fooled. Read more
CJ7 in ‘CJ7’ (2008) What is it?Furry little aliens from the hit Chinese comedy family film. How cute?Adorable – the Hello Kitty of aliens. Would it make a good pet?Sure thing, if you’re up for adventure. Read more
Tribbles in ‘Star Trek’ (2009) What is it?These hungry little critters appeared in numerous episodes of the ‘Star Trek’ TV series and made cameos in a few of the movies. How cute?Ridiculously cute, though some fans felt they were too silly for the sci-fi series. Would it make a good pet?Certainly, although you’d need to get a lot of pet food in. Read more

The 20 cutest aliens on screen

Big eyes, squeaky voices, furry heads… Who’s the sweetest movie alien of them all?

By Anna Smith

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