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Mumblecore goes mainstream! It’s been on the cards for a while now – last year’s Apatow-goes-improv male-bonding comedy ‘Humpday’ came close to breaking out of the indie ghetto  – but ‘Cyrus’ marks the point when this long-percolating DIY hipster subgenre, famed for its naturalistic dialogue, awkward pauses and painfully extended camera takes, finally hits the big time.

It’s largely down to the cast: John C Reilly plays John, a divorced schlub who thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he successfully hits on foxy singleton Molly (Marisa Tomei) at a swanky LA party. But there’s always a catch, and in this case it’s Cyrus (Jonah Hill), Molly’s live-at-home twentysomething son, whose Oedipal intimacy with his oblivious mum puts a spanner in John’s romantic dreams.

Enormous respect is due to directors Mark and Jay Duplass, whose transition to Hollywood hasn’t compromised their singular filmmaking style even a fraction. The result is as warm and wise as the brothers’ homemade debut, ‘The Puffy Chair’, while retaining their commitment to sly genre subversion which began with disassembled horror pastiche ‘Baghead’. ‘Cyrus’ can be viewed as just an effective and intimate romantic comedy, albeit with a pitch-dark edge of discomfort stemming largely from Hill’s chilling, revelatory performance.

But it’s also  a witty reflection on Hollywood’s traditional ideas of romance and family, particularly among characters of ‘a certain age’: simply by treating these characters as real, with all the uncertainty, emotional baggage and bad decisions that entails, the Duplasses expertly expose the hypocrisy of the airbrushed all-American ideal.

By: Tom Huddleston


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Release date: Friday September 17 2010
Duration: 0 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass
Screenwriter: Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass
Cast: John C Reilly
Jonah Hill
Marisa Tomei
Catherine Keener

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2.8 / 5

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wrote on the 12th "avoid if you are a little chavvy" Watched it again today and half way through I heard a lady pleading with her partner "just GO!" which he did....then sadly, 10 min later, stomped back in. At the moving, subtle ending, as the credits started he shouted "WHAT?" in the fashion that suggested he was witnessing his mother being stabbed to death! then stomped out, nearly taking the door off its hinges. It ADDED to my love of the film knowing I aint him! (oh, and that he had wasted his money!) 8/10

Not the comedy it suggests it is in the trailer. VERY slow and over long. Got very bored somewhere in the middle. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Wait til it's on DVD if you have to watch it, otherwise you'll just get annoyed at how much you paid to see it at the cinema! Disappointing.

Very poor. A misleading trailer and a painfully drawn out film. Unoriginal, boring and totally without any redeeming features except for the efforts the cast make to compensate for the absence of a script. Mumblecore should retain its low budget obscurity and stay away from any mainstream film. This absurd trend of improvisation just creates another 'style' of acting which, contrary to the film-makers' expectations, is not at all natural. There were some nice parts to this film, but unfortunately they were islands in a sea of utter mind-numbing dross. I stuck it out to the end solely to see what sort of resolution it had, and was almost comatose by the time the credits began. I would have been happy to leave this film to the romantics and Mumblecore die-hards had it not been for the totally misleading advertising. Dreary I'm afraid.

Please don't go to this film, like I did...expecting a comedy, or else you will pretty much be disappointed, having said that if you go expecting, a nicely observed, nuanced and warm hearted film, which is well cast and is modest in it's aims you'll probably be delighted. I liked the leads and Jonah Hill does as much as can be done with his part, but the plot is a little illogical at times and the end is almost right but veers off somewhere before it gets there. Nice film but won't be many peoples favourite of the year.

Interesting review and comments, I’d been tempted to see the film following viewing the trailer and have to say the best bits are in the trailer. Yes, it is an adult’s film, something the pissed Australian girl in my row failed to grasp (- cinema’s why sell alcohol to these morons?). However, the film is excruciating in the first 20 minutes, sure there are some touching moments and some funny ones, but 4 stars is way too many stars IMHO. Jonah Hill was good, but it was all too unbelievable… the relationship between mother and son, along with Marissa Tomei falling for John C Reilly. ….After all, she didn’t fall for George Costanza !!

Oh, yeah! 3 stars but that over-rates it a little. Good intentions unsuccessfully realised.

On the upside, this is a likeable (if predictable) story, well acted throughout. On the downside, the camera’s a bit shaky, and it’s not nearly as funny as it likes to think it is. But this is not a 4 star movie. Seriously, it’s not. This is a 2 star movie that’ll be shown on one of the premier movie channels at Christmas, as it’ll only have a short run at the flicks. Enjoyable, but not the best.

If you are a little chavy, please dont go. "All the best bits were in the trailer" (heard this on exit) And yes, if youre looking for the film that exists in the trailer, Its called (The likeable) GROWN UPS but for the rest of us we have one of the most adult, heartfelt & downright moving films for many a year (pssst....its funny too, yup, theres even laughs NOT in the trailer!) 8/10

If you think your going to get laughs all the way through then think again,itsok but nothing more.Maybe i expected more from johah hill? Did any1 else notice the camera wandering around,focusing,re-focusing, 'chopping' half their heads off.I felt this was made on a tight budget.& yes i was at the cinema not a copy! wldve been 3* if the dam cameraman wasnt a novice.

Really good film, enjoyable, uncomfortable to watch in some parts - in a funny way though! Good acting, Truthful & heart warming film too.