Dark Shadows

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Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows

Tim Burton proves conclusively that there is really only one string to his bow with this creepy, kooky, spooky, largely tedious tale of vampires, werewolves, witches and movie stars in far too much eyeliner.

A remake of a 1970s US TV series, the film sees eighteenth-century vampire Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp – surprise!) entombed for 200 years by evil sorceress Angelique (Eva Green). Freed in swinging 1972, Barnabas is introduced to his surviving descendants – matriarch Elizabeth (Michelle Pfeiffer), sultry teen Carolyn (Chloe Grace Moretz) and eerie ten-year-old David (Gulliver McGrath) and attempts to get the family back on track by reviving their ailing fish canning business.

The idea of a louche Georgian vampire running a fish cannery in 1970s New England has a certain offbeat charm, but leave it to Burton to go completely overboard in the wackiness stakes, dragging ghosts, hippies, angry mobs and even poor Alice Cooper into an already overloaded (and seriously overlong) story. The haphazard plotting and tonal inconsistency reach their zenith in a scene in which one character outs herself, inexplicably, as a werewolf. But, by that point, any sane audience will have stopped caring. Perhaps it’s high time that Burton put down that Edward Gorey annual, switched off the Vincent Price movies, mothballed those Bauhaus records, got out in the fresh air and found something new to say.

By: Tom Huddleston


Release details

Rated: 12A
Release date: Friday May 11 2012
Duration: 113 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Tim Burton
Screenwriter: Seth Grahame-Smith
Cast: Michelle Pfeiffer
Johnny Depp
Eva Green

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4.4 / 5

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  • 5 star:54
  • 4 star:1
  • 3 star:3
  • 2 star:1
  • 1 star:8
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Typical Tim Burton fare with all the usual suspects present and correct, Danny Elfman scoring the film and that dark, moody film quality you've come to expect from films such as Sleepy Hollow, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman. I actually thought this was quite watchable, with a tale of unrequited love and Johnny Depp getting a lot of action. I think I'll stay out of the sun for a bit and see what it does for my attraction levels to the opposite sex! There's a rather alternative sex scene between a vampire and a witch where they literally climb the walls with passion and some other laugh out loud moments from Johnny Depp being in a time 200 years on from where he expected to be when he was trapped in a coffin and woke up to bond with his family and seek revenge. Not terrible but not amazing either. if you have Amazon Prime you can currently catch it on there as part of your subscription!

people dont throw balls any more stupid. they throw happenings

also not a dark shadows obsessive. if i was id have seen the tv series which i havent and id have seen the movie more than once which i havent and would be at the cinema watching it again now which im clearly not.

Simon D if i want to use a pseudonym i can. id rather not reveal my name to a bunch of random people. also i think you deserve to be sworn at due to calling me desperate and implying im stupid. i only swear at people who deserve it. i dont really care about your opinion

barnabas said... hmmm hides behind a pseudonym and swears at posters, hmm, very adult. Also a Dark Shadows obsessive by the looks of it. A hopeless case - Just like the duff film.

definitely worth the ticket price. i will watch it again and again when i get the dvd

definitely worth the ticket price. i will watch it again and again when i get the dvd

i really enjoyed this movie. it was awesome. i dont think tim burton and johnny depp have run out of ideas. i actually enjoyed the werewolf scene. i dont understand why nobody else did. woof!

i really enjoyed this movie. it was awesome. i dont think tim burton and johnny depp have run out of ideas. i actually enjoyed the werewolf scene. i dont understand why nobody else did. woof!

Visually interesting, thematically flat, a mess of a Gothic drama looks to have been hastily rewritten to shoe horn in the broadest read unfunny humour to appease Warner Bros. terrible waste of behind the camera talent. I'd sue if I were connected to the production.

Saw this yesterday afternoon. Didn't find it at all funny, just one long drag and dropped off to sleep more than once. Each time I woke up the film still hadn't improved. I thought the ending would never end and, yes, I agree the werewolf revelation was just plain stupid.

Big disappointment, Burton seems to have lost his je ne sais quoi, his last lot of film's are just awful.

I found the film good, though the humour a little too subtle as I had to explain some of the jokes afterwards. Alice Cooper's appearance birghtened things up a bit.

A big disappointment. The best bits were in the trailer. I tend to agree with some of the reviewers in that the first half is quite good while the second half is a real drag. It descends into cliches and even has a stock teaser for a sequel. So many good actors for so little result! The crowd that saw it at the same time as me left in silence more out of boredom than stunned silence. Poor, must do better. 2 stars.

I've actually seen all of it! It's definitely flawed, a film of two halfs - the first being strange, funny and intriguing, and the second being overblown, silly and derivative. Agree that the werewolf bit is the low point, but Alice Cooper seemed completely uneccesary, too. I would say that it averaged out as a three star film. Best bit is Eva Green.

I disagree, was lucky enough to see a preview... amazing film, extremely well done with many humourous parts alongside the horror. It's so funny, i absolutely LOVED it. Will watch it with the kids, even by myself. This is a film to watch...

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