Dead Reckoning

Film, Thrillers
Faced with the synthetic Scott instead of genuine Bacall, Bogart reacts with a hint of self-parody. Or maybe it's just that the film, cast in flashback form with a guilt-ridden narration by Bogart, tries too hard to maintain its note of doomed noir romance. Excellent hardboiled shenanigans as Bogart's ex-paratrooper sets out with a 'Geronimo!' on his lips to investigate the disappearance of his buddy, uncovering a web of duplicities at the centre of which is the alluringly equivocal Scott. But the relationship never quite convinces, leading to a faintly embarrassing emotional climax as death conjures one last 'Geronimo!' Highly enjoyable all the same.

By: TM

Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

John Cromwell
Oliver HP Garrett, Steve Fisher, Allen Rivkin
Humphrey Bogart
Lizabeth Scott
Morris Carnovsky
Charles Cane
William Prince
Marvin Miller
Wallace Ford
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