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2 out of 5 stars

The latest Marvel-inspired superhero effort is smug, shallow and wilfully offensive

‘You are relentlessly annoying,’ barks arms dealer Ed Skrein to Ryan Reynolds’s wisecracking, fetish-clad anti-superhero midway through this latest romp inspired by a Marvel comic. It’s an insult that applies just as easily to the film itself. Bloody, shallow and oh-so-smug, ‘Deadpool’ is so eager to offend that it’d almost be sweet if it wasn’t so, well, relentlessly annoying. 

We first meet Wade Wilson as an ex-military drifter, working as a thug-for-hire and about to fall madly in love with (you guessed it) a hooker-with-a-heart, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). When he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wade is suckered in by a shady corporation run by the villainous Ajax (Skrein), who promises to save his life. The cure leaves Wade disfigured and scarred, but pumped with advanced healing powers, a hunger for revenge and a thing for bright red Lycra. 

Clearly inspired by the ooh-aren’t-we-naughty sweary superheroics of Matthew Vaughn (‘Kick-Ass’, ‘Kingsman’), ‘Deadpool’ is the kind of movie that thinks a shot of the hero being dildoed by his girlfriend on International Women’s Day is feminist enough to make up for the fact that she’s a foxy ex-prostitute and the script is peppered with rape jokes. It all looks cheap and grimy – whether this is a stylistic choice or a budgetary issue isn’t clear. Meanwhile the action sequences sacrifice tension and excitement in favour of hyperactive editing and splattering gore. The result is rarely boring, but it’s not half as smart, funny or subversive as it clearly believes itself to be. That said, sweaty 15-year-old boys are going to be in heaven.


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Release date:
Wednesday February 10 2016
108 mins

Cast and crew

Tim Miller
Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Ryan Reynolds
Morena Baccarin
Gina Carano
Ed Skrein

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3 out of 5 stars

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Cleverly witty taking the piss out of superheroes. Don't watch if you are easily offended. Ryan Reynolds pulls Deadpool off marvellously!


So, this is an interesting Marvel film to say the least. Really, it gets a 2 and a half stars, but TimeOut doesn't allow us to do halves. 

Yes, it was funny and kind of sarcastic; it was so different from the other Marvel films, and Deadpool is a kickass! I did enjoy it, but for me, it just tried too hard to be edgy and different and dark and sarcastic. It's like shoved down your throat, and it just doesn't do it for me. One time a-watching was enough! 


God I love this film. Yep, that’s how I’m kicking this review off. I love it and no-one is more surprised than me to hear those words spill out of my mouth and onto the page. When I saw the trailers for it last year, I watched, I listened, I mused and I deduced that it really was not a film targeted at me. I was wrong.

It’s smart, it’s original, it’s sharp, and it’s funny. It’s really fricking funny. It’s got bags of blood, gallons of gore and enough wince inducing moments for me to confirm that a career in medicine was never going to work out but if you prepare yourself for all that – oh and a heavy sprinkling of profanity laden dialogue in most scenes and a generous montage of ahem, adult fun near the beginning – then you’ll be love it.

Plus it’s got some amazing songs in it – I’ve walked to work on several occasions since watching it with DMX as my hip-white-woman-in-her-mid-thirties soundtrack and yeah, I totally nail it.

Ryan Reynolds is awesome as a totally new type of super hero delivering smack-downs of both the physical and verbal kind with a natural sort of ease that made me think this sort of role was long overdue for him. The problem is that this sort of role doesn’t come along very often so when it does, it takes a really good actor to make the most of it which he absolutely does (his scenes with the taxi driver are some of my favourites) and as his lady love, Homeland’s Morena Baccarin is also really great as a female lead who can actually take care of herself.

I hear that director Tim Miller has been replaced for the sequel and while I get that the studio system is a business there to make money, not friends, I hope whoever picks up the reins keeps this freshness, this unapologetic brashness and this obvious love for the source material alive because this is a rude, crude, violent, flawed superhero I want more of.


A film made for young teenage boys - the humour was trashy and cringeworthy and not funny at all. The special effects were pretty great but the storyline was let down by the childish embarrassing jokes. I don't recommend the film at all, not even as background noise! Did not live up to the hype whatsoever.


I was introduced to these comic book films and series and admittedly wasn't so keen but this one really interested me..

I enjoyed the way it was shot, the direction, the comedy but also the pain the character felt. It brought the character to life a lot more for me. I'd recommend it...

You can tell they had a lot of meetings about the movie as it starts so well, charges along until you realise its run out of ideas, still cannot remember how it ended!

Everything I asked for, I never read any Deadpool comics, but I heard good things about him before watching. Watch with friends.

Marvel has done it again - bringing something different while having a very well- written and humurous movie. I think Marvel did Deadpool's character justice, as I had very low expectations going to see the movie thinking that it will be overhyped. Would watch it for the humour, and will keep closing my eyes for the gore. All in all, a 4 out of 5 for me.


So as a huge superhero fan I love Deadpool and hate it at the same time. I find it is an amazing reflection of the comics but the humor is a little too crude for my usual taste. Some of the scenes were laid out amazingly and some of the witty lines were perfect but at times it became a little bit too much. I'd go and see it again just for the laughs, but I'd really have to be in the mood. 


This film is more super anti-hero than superhero.

It is witty, funny, knowing. It is also violent, rude, irritating and self referential. One thing it isn't, is dull.

It pokes fun at all the superhero clichés and then goes ahead and uses them anyway.

It points out how formulaic the genre has become, then sticks to that formula.

Great fun!


One word: hilarious! I was laughing my head off from start to finish. It was silly, crude, shocking, disgusting, cringy- all the things you wouldn’t find in a conventional super hero movie. But Deadpool is proud of the fact that it’s not typical of the genre. Please note, this is NOT for kids- it’s a 15 for a reason! A woman behind us soon learned that 10 minutes in and quickly ushered her children out just as the sex scene got into full swing. Don’t go expecting anything meaningful and deep with a heartfelt message; it is what it is. You’ll either love it or hate it.

OK, that’s more than one word.


It had it's moments but the manic mouth got on my nerves very quickly. I would have loved a slightly more toned down version. Lots of action! Loved the story! Worth a see but not for children!

The only superheroes I like are the reluctant heroes like Hellboy and Deadpool would work well in a dynamic duo with Hellboy. The dark humour suits me and Deadpool doesn't disappoint. The only area that went on a little too long was the girlfriend stuff, probably featured to attract a female audience.

If you liked HB then you'll love this film

Deadpool is like a cheeseburger. 

It's not gourmet. It's not going to win awards and you've had better meals in your lifetime. Almost certainly.

But sometimes, sometimes, you just want a cheeseburger. And Deadpool is a damn good cheeseburger.


'A Hot chic', 'a British villain', 'a moody teen', 'a CGI character', 'a gratuitous cameo' and the most unconventional super hero ever - This is what you'll find in this film. 

Now add - blood, detached body parts and brain pieces all flying around with sex, boobs, bums and inappropriate jokes and you now have 'Deapool'.

if you like all the above then you'll absolutely love this film - at least I did. :)


I don't really like superhero films and (shock-horror) I've never seen any of the X-Men films or Marvel franchise films...sorry! I got dragged along to Deadpool on Sunday and to my surprise, actually enjoyed it quite a lot. I'm probably approaching it from the best perspective, with no expectations and no desire to analyse the depth and meaning behind the plot. Yes it's superficial, yes it's silly, but I found the whole movie very entertaining. Being not a guy and not a teenage guy, I was scared that the humour would be slap-sticky, lad-dy and just plain silly but I actually found myself laughing out loud a lot. I liked the quick and witty dialogue laced with huge amounts of sarcasm and it was a very pleasant change from the typical superhero cheesy grandeur. It's not going to win any awards but it's a fun and entertaining watch.


With the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe in danger of becoming a bloated juggernaut, have we reached Peak Superhero? On the surface of it, Deadpool could have been the perfect vehicle to reflect on this - it could have been a subversive and postmodern take on the superhero genre. Instead, what we've gotten is a film that thinks that it is witty and subversive but in reality is two hours of lad bantz in Lycra. There are some nice touches in the film: the structure of the film revolving around one action sequence and the snappy exposition but overall, it's one for the completists and the teenage boys.


Average film - there are at few funny moments but fundamentally the plot is superficial and not very engaging. The characters are not really explored in much depth, which would have been nice. Overall stick to a proper comedy or proper superhero film, this is stuck in the middle - not a great place to be.

So exactly how is it possible for Deadpool to be 'inspired' by stuff that came along several years later , it looks like the douchebag at timeout seems to have a few facts mixed up , probably better to do a little research before writing reviews in future my dear ...


Considering all the jokes Deadpool had in its marketing, I'm surprised the romantic element of the movie actually was a driving force for the plot. This was a pretty fun film whose budget got unfortunately slashed. I don't regret watching it, and even the violence wasn't that gory (though it certainly was over the top). It definitely fell short of its full potential though, but for a low budget superhero film, I'd say it was a success at keeping it simple and were brutally honest to the source material, and honestly makes for a fun night out. Watch it! 


A satirical superhero film, the irreverent humour throughout was pretty sharp and the characters fairly well-developed. There's some fourth-wall breaking moments. It has its fair share of gore and filth and it's not to be taken too seriously - a fun film.


Deadpool is good fun - stupidly sick, darkly funny, ludicrously violent. Balances everything just right as it had the potential to be awful but I was fully entertained and not irritated. If you like super hero movies and irony - thinks like Kick- ass you will enjoy this. 


Funny superhero movie, not really any plot, but good to see some strong women in the film!


Not the best superhero film, shallow plot line and really focuses on the comedy aspect rather than the blood and guts he spills in every scene. Good graphics, end fight scene is samey and nothing new. Ryan plays the character well and does make me lol. Worth watching in the cinema but I wouldn't watch it a second time round.

I see the reviewer doesn't have a clue about source....since kick-ass is 2008 while deadpool is from 1991....


Deadpool is purposefully offensive but clever with it.

As an original Marvel character (not a Kick Ass/Kingsman wannabe) Deadpool is unique in that he knows he's a fictional character.

As this is a Marvel film it comes with the requisite Stan Lee cameo. However, it's is miles away from the normal superhero fare. This is mainly because Deadpool isn't a superhero; more of an anti hero with superpowers.

It's violent and littered with sexual references but i thought it was a good way to spend Valentines day and I'm not even a sweaty 15 year old boy.