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After ‘Lady in the Water’, ‘The Happening' and especially ‘The Last Airbender’, one would have thought any sane production company would want to keep M Night Shyamalan’s name as far away as possible from their new product. And yet here comes ‘Devil’, the first instalment in the worryingly titled ‘Night Chronicles’, a series of standalone projects conceived – if not actually written and directed – by the one-time golden boy of mainstream Hollywood horror.

The setup is simple: it’s the wrath of Satan… in a lift. Five strangers get stuck in an elevator between the 20th and 21st floors of a swanky Philadelphia office block. When they start dying off, the ultra-religious lift operator knows exactly what’s going on: each of the five has a dark secret, and now Beelzebub has come to claim their souls.

Despite his staunchly Catholic education, Shyamalan has managed to keep his own movies largely free of religious dogma, Mel Gibson’s crisis of faith in ‘Signs’ notwithstanding. But ‘Devil’’s subject matter leaves no such room for obfuscation: this is an aggressively, conservatively Christian movie, loaded with damnation and redemption and snarkily dismissive of short-sighted non-believers. It’s not a bad film, as such, just a silly, unconvincing one: entertaining enough in its way, but crude, inert and quickly forgotten.


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Release date:
Friday September 17 2010
80 mins

Cast and crew

John Erick Dowdle
Brian Nelson
M Night Shyamalan
Chris Messina
Caroline Dhavernas
Bokeem Woodbine
Logan Marshall-Green
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Intriguing horror/thriller, the best thing from this film-maker since `Sixth Sense`.

This is a good film, well made and thought provoking. Worth seeing.

Let's see - it lacks tension, suspense, atmosphere, a sense of place, characters to root for. So if that's what you want from a horror film, then "Devil" is for you...

I enjoyed it...wasn't expecting much 'cause Shyamalan's name lately has meant disappointment...but was pleasantly surprised. A decent thriller, although they should have cut out the narrator talking about the legend, not to mention they more or less ruin the suspense by telling everyone in the trailers and the title exactly what the film is about!

Crisp, unfussy "horror" (PG-13 style) thriller. dont break the bank to see it, but if you do, enjoyment is to be had. Kick back, relax......then forget. 6/10

i really enjoyed the film , made me jump out my skin loadsa times !