Dirty Dancing

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Romance movie: Dirty Dancing
After 2004’s straight-to-DVD sequel, the superior original is re-released, digitally restored, to mark the film’s twentieth anniversary. Aside from making fans feel very old, this is also likely to make them feel just as jubilant and light-footed as they did on first viewing. A 1960s-set wish-fulfillment romance, it sees sheltered teen ‘Baby’ (Jennifer Grey) falling for hunky dancer Johnny (Patrick Swayze) on holiday when she’s conveniently required to replace his dancing partner, who’s pregnant (scandal!).
Naturally, Baby’s parents would disapprove, so their illicit rehearsal sessions must be kept secret. Some of the dialogue is clunky, incidental characters are stereotypical and the set-up is completely unlikely. But this is a fantasy, deftly tapping into the youthful desire to explore the delights of a forbidden world, shine beyond the expectations of parents and lose one’s virginity to Patrick Swayze. OK, so this last point may be of less concern to today’s teen audience but the film’s easy charm, infectious soundtrack and tidy choreography should still win over new fans as well as old.


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Release date:
Friday February 2 2007
96 mins

Cast and crew

Emile Ardolino
Eleanor Bergstein
Jerry Orbach
Jennifer Grey
Jane Bruckner
Patrick Swayze
Cynthia Rhodes
Jack Weston

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4.4 / 5

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Dirty Dancing is an undeniable classic, one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made. Its reputation and cult status is well-deserved. The soundtrack is outstanding and is the beating heart of the film, with toe-tapping, hip-shaking classics that make you want to dance dirty with Johnny in the staff quarters. The plot is minimal and simple, but is all the better for it - the important scenes and lines stand out in your memory (watermelon, anyone?). There is an unmistakeable magic about it, of utterly relatable family feuds and of romances that are completely timeless. In 25 years, it's aged well - perhaps because it's imbued with so much nostalgia for youthful romances and simpler times. The love that people have for this film is intense. Whether you're watching it for the first time as a lovelorn teenager or sitting in a crowd of 5000 heady fans at Secret Cinema, you can truthfully say (or sing) that you've had the time of your life.


God forbid that anyone write anything negative about this film in my presence. DD has been a staple film in my life since I was 15, and I've never looked back. The Master of Hot, The Swayz, is on fire on this film. I spent many of my teenage years pretending to do the lift everytime I went swimming, and years trying to find logs in the countryside to do the log dancing scene. When I say my childhood, I actually mean the entire time. Probably at weddings and stuff now. The one liners in this film are comparable only to the delight that is Titanic.

I've watched this movie like 100 times for the past 17-18 years, literally! And i would watch it again!

I've watched this movie like 100 times for the past 17-18 years, literally! And i would watch it again!