Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry

Film, Action and adventure
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B road-movie that serves only to underline how much Monte Hellman transformed the genre with Two-Lane Blacktop. This outing offers little more than plastic, would-be superstars playing at being kooky people as Fonda holds up a supermarket and drives around furiously, the police in pursuit, with his mechanic and girl-along-for-the-ride in tow (yes, another fashionable three-way relationship). The script, about small-timers who wished they were bigger, is soon totally undermined by Fonda's most complacent performance to date and Susan George's sub-Goldie Hawn antics. By way of compensation, the locations are quite pretty and the car stunts are handled with a certain verve.

By: CPe

Release details

Duration: 92 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Hough
Screenwriter: Leigh Chapman, Antonio Santean
Cast: Peter Fonda
Susan George
Adam Roarke
Vic Morrow
Kenneth Tobey
Eugene Daniels
Roddy McDowall
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