Don't Cry for Me Little Mother


Time Out says

Metzger's commercially disastrous attempt to get away from the framework of orthodox sexploitation. Filmed in English, it's a direct rehash of the Eva Peron story, using an exceedingly tricksy flashback structure to follow its 'heroine' from her illegitimate birth in the slums, through a lifetime of whoring, torturing and backstabbing, to a planned martyrdom by public assassination. There are only two scenes that aim to titillate; the rest is played for 'drama', complete with theatrical repartee and a generous quota of recrimination scenes. But the flash shooting and cutting cannot disguise the sheer dinginess of the Yugoslav locations, any more than they can compensate for a script and performances of hopeless banality.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Radley Metzger
Brian Phelan
Christiane Kruger
Siegfried Rauch
Ivan Desny
Mark Damon
Anton Diffring
Elga Sorbas

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