Dragonball Evolution

Dragonball Evolution
Live-action caper based on the original manga cartoon strip that started in the 1980s, Luke Perry look-a-like/act-a-like Justin Chatwin makes for an utterly nondescript hero as orphaned teenage martial artist Goku, who’s forced to set aside his school studies in order to save the planet from the evil (and equally nondescript) Lord Piccolo by gathering up the seven mystic Dragonballs. Despite its relative brevity, it’s a garbled and monotonous film, comprising of the usual episodic trek around various disparate and exotic locations where a band of mostly superfluous hangers-on are assembled, one of which is Chow Yun-Fat as an ass-grabbing sensei and who, frankly, deserves better than this. Making no effort to be original, exciting, witty or even vaguely plausible, it may pass the time as sparkly fodder for 12-year-old boys with plenty of sugar in their bloodstream. Parents, meanwhile, will have to make do with sniggering at lines like ‘The Dragonballs are within my grasp!’.

By: David Jenkins


Release details

Rated: PG
Release date: Wednesday April 8 2009
Duration: 84 mins

Cast and crew

Director: James Wong
Screenwriter: Ben Ramsey
Cast: Jamie Chung
Randall Duk Kim
Eriko Tamura
Joon Park
Justin Chatwin
Chow Yun-Fat
Emmy Rossum
James Masters
Ernie Hudson

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4.1 / 5

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if anyone saw shaolin soccer then you have an idea of what the movie should have looked like and what could have been. as of right now though i crap on this movie so hard, i still smell it after i flush and leave the house. they should remake this like they remade The Hulk, but with die hard fans guiding the movie.

one word describes this film. FAIL. awful in every way, and the people anticipating this film saw it coming lol

sounds like a very steriotypical movie. I've seen to many of those. not gonna watch it

how was this craptastic film good ppl? rushed story, no character development, it had 100 mill budget n it looked like they spent 5 mill on it n used the 95 mill to get drunk knowing wat a crap film they made

This movie was by far the worse iv seen in my entire life. The script was horrible, the film was rushed and the one thing i thought could have save this rubbish; the action, was pathetic. Any chance of ever get a Dragonball Z movie has gone with this s**t!

Well this film was an epic disaster. I mean they probably couldn't have made this worse if they tried and I'm debating if they did since it was really bad. If your not even going to follow the plot at all might as well call it something else. What's with the highschool setting anyways? The sooner this movie is out of theatres the better. May it sit forgotten in the bottom of the discount DVD bin.

After watching this i thought it was ok to watch but wouldnt watch it again, it was pretty poor, dark in most parts and couldnt tell what was going on because of it, im not really a fan of the cartoon/franchise but i know what piccolo looks like and he looked crap tbh. worth a watch at least even though its short.

i agree wth curtis.the film needed a better end fighting scene and piccolo should have looked more like in the tv series.also the school thing shood have been left out but other than that it was a ok film

This Wasnt good at all , hardly any fighting what so ever and it made no sense , a killing attack saving Goku???? next dragonball film should have frieza and make the characters look the same as animated version picalo looked crap