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Drawn together by mysterious psychic powers, four childhood buddies reunite for a hunting trip in Maine. Snowbound, they chinwag about their absent friend Duddits (Wahlberg) - an endearing idiot savant they once rescued from being fed dogshit by school bullies. In stumbles a frostbitten stranger, whose arse then explodes, unleashing on the world a herd of hungry killer turds. Duddits' revenge? Adaptations of Stephen King novels are often more Pet Sematary than The Shining - but despite King's convoluted original, what's most dispiriting about this awesomely cack-handed crazy salad, is that seasoned screenwriters like Goldman and Kasdan have come up with such sub-Troma schlock.


Release details

Duration: 134 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Screenwriter: William Goldman, Lawrence Kasdan
Cast: Tom Sizemore
Timothy Olyphant
Damian Lewis
Reece Thompson
Mikey Holekamp
Morgan Freeman
Donnie Wahlberg
Thomas Jane
Jason Lee
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