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One of the best of Disney's animated features. An ugly duckling variation, lifted by those unforgettable characters: the ancient, haywire stork who delivers Dumbo late, the circus train reminiscent of the Tin Man, the irrepressible mouse who befriends the rejected hero, the bitchy old elephant troupe ('Hey girls, have I got a trunkful of dirt...'), and the beautifully characterised crows - stolen by Bakshi for Fritz the Cat - who sing the classic 'When I See A' Elephant Fly'. The artwork, of course, is magisterial: aerial views of the States, the erecting of the big top in a storm, and the brilliant drunken vision of pink elephants. Magic.

By: SG

Release details

Duration: 64 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Ben Sharpsteen
Screenwriter: Joe Grant, Dick Huemer
Cast: Edward Brophy
Herman Bing
Sterling Holloway
Cliff Edwards
Verna Felton
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Such a classic that makes you go through a large range of emotions. The beginning is very sad as the mother is cast away, and the scene where she is cradling her child through the bars of the prison is truly a tier-jerking. The scene in which dumbo gets drunk on what I imagine is Moonshine is possibly the trippest thing to have been created by Disney. The slightly crows are fun as well-although today their interpretation could be considered a faux pas. All in all very entertaining and worth watching for kids and adults.