Empire of the Sun

Film, Drama
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JG Ballard's autobiographical novel, about his experiences in the WWII Japanese concentration camps in China, is a mild version of the events he witnessed; Spielberg's is milder still. young Jim Graham (Bale) is Ballard, an obnoxious expat brat separated from his parents as the war overwhelms Shanghai. His world of balsa-wood models and servants is blown apart and replaced by prison camp brutality. Stripped of its sci-fi trappings, Ballard's text is about what shits we may become in order to survive. Spielberg includes a strand of populist heroism, yet even this fails to dent the awful message. And the budget makes itself seen, as does Bale's superlative Jim.

By: JG

Release details

Duration: 152 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Steven Spielberg
Screenwriter: Tom Stoppard
Cast: Emily Richard
John Malkovich
Joe Pantoliano
Leslie Phillips
Christian Bale
Rupert Frazer
Nigel Havers
Miranda Richardson
Masato Ibu
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