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Disney has pulled off a bit of a doozy with this amusing parody of its own oeuvre. Ostensibly a freewheeling blend of the ‘Snow White’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ fairytales, ‘Enchanted’ begins in conventional, animated Disney territory where pretty Giselle is being courted by Edward, her Prince Charming. His witchy mother, however, has an evil scheme on the boil and banishes Giselle to twenty-first century New York City.
At this juncture, the film flits from animation to live action just as Giselle (now Amy Adams), dressed to the nines in a flowing ball gown, emerges from a manhole into a world of bustling humanity. Her first real-world encounter is with divorce lawyer Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), who, despite sensing correctly that she’s well away with the fairies, eventually relents to her request for shelter and – lo and behold! – begins
to fall for the scatty lass. When Edward eventually appears (in the guise of James Marsden), Giselle is left facing a typically predictable rom-com dilemma.

At first glance, Kevin Lima’s contemporary urban fantasy looks hideously twee. It’s only when the story hits the streets of NYC and Adams starts hamming it up (much like Julie Hagerty did in ‘Airplane’) that we start seeing the fruits of a grand Mickey-take. Giselle is clearly on another planet; she swans around singing inane songs and delivering amusingly mundane fantasy lingo in a shrill voice. Had Adams (no relation) not hammed-up her performance to such a degree and, more pertinently, had the film taken itself seriously, one might otherwise have felt compelled to torch the screen. Instead, ‘Enchanted’ is one of the better family films of this year.

By: Derek Adams


Release details

Rated: PG
Release date: Friday December 14 2007
Duration: 107 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Kevin Lima
Screenwriter: Bill Kelly
Cast: Amy Adams
Patrick Dempsey
Susan Sarandon
James Marsden
Timothy Spall
Idina Menzel
Rachel Covey

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4.7 / 5

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  • 5 star:112
  • 4 star:7
  • 3 star:4
  • 2 star:2
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A lovely, family friendly film with some decent messages and morals for the kids. Although I find Amy Adams a little annoying, her on-screen chemistry with the amazing Patrick Dempsey is both engaging and believable. All the drama and emotion of a Disney film but with a bit more tongue in cheek humour than usual. A good watch for keeping the kids entertained on a grim winter's day.

David Fear sure spurts rubbish out a lot when he wants to explain something. I mean, even if he didn't like the film, he could've said it straight forward without twisting his words and pretending he knows better than kevin lima. Admit it, we all know the ending lacked something but in contrast to the poor manner and the pain david fear took to go bombastic in his review, i would say enchanted is way, way much better.

This was a great send off to a era of Disney Fairytales with brilliant allusions, especially with the arrival of CGI and pixar. On a closing note may god bless Rachael Adams for stealing my heart.

The movie was 100% great!!! U stupid critics have nothing better to do!

The best thing since Shrek. Great for the whole family. It was very funny and really well put together. Highly recommended.

This film is AMAZING!!! It had all the right elements, fun, parody, humour, love and is truely touching! When had a wide age range in our group when we watched it, from 6 to 80 and everyone came away smiling!

Hey peepz!!!!!!! Gona c dis film on Saturday wiv ma m8s and boyf it lks awsum!!!!!!!!

love this film. Shaun cried. Laura laughed. Greys Anatomy guy is hot -- by Shaun. OTT acting by the girl (Princess), but it was done well... bravo! x

brilliant amusing film a must see for all the family !!!!!!!!!!!

love it, was cheesy fun and a good laugh and the singing was good too seen it and deffo want it wen it comes out on dvd x

I wrote that to annoy people like Jules! I have seen the film and it is a really great movie for the kids. Very cheesy, like a cheese pizza with mozarella and cheddar with extra parmesan sprinkled on top!!! I loved it!

What a lovely silly film. Funny, touching escapism. Reality is for every day. A film like this makes you hold your breath lifts your spirits and makes the world a little nicer than it was before. Lovely film for children but I am well into my second childhood!

i must say as a parent i really really enjoyed the film and my girls loved the film they thought it was fantastic. we enjoyed all the songs and we couldn,t stop laughing when giselle and morgan went shopping with morgan,s dad credit card and she said her dad said you must only use it an emergency.

Very entertaining. It takes the 'mickey' out of the typical disney film and turns it on its head. Full of suprises. A must see.

this has to be one of the most entertaining films i have seen in a long time. The way it is a fairytale then into the real world it is just great. i am 21 and i really enjoyed it so it doesnt matter how old you are just go and see it!! it is so funny and the chipmunk is great.

It was great! i loved all the referals to classic disney film ways, such as why everybody knows all the words to songs that are being made up as they sing them, although my mum did cringe abit when the cockroaches came out of the plug hole lol go to see this film for sure! amazing!

Absolutely fantastic! An old fashioned fairy story made into a modern version, with all the morals and it`s really funny. I loved it , the kids loved it even my unenotional hubby saied it was ok. I will watch it again. At last some good stuff is comming for our children. I don`t like the fighty and nasty films, so keep them comming, please!!!

Brilliant! I saw it it twice! I would recommend it any one. I went with my Mum and Dad and they both loved it!

W*O*O*H wnt tuhh see dis fabby film tudaiiyy wiff mah familee n wee all totallyy enjoyed. Wud deffo recomment this film tuhh all princess,comedy & love LOVERS lol. Could watch this film ova n ova agen x it completly rocks & have only jush bin tuhh see it nw haha x ope theyre will be ah numbah2 buhh dnt fink theyre will lol x anyway fablush film x n bye x

Oh me gud god it ded funny u should see it it 4 all ages and you cant even sit there without laughing onstley. And its even funner wen she cuts out her dress from the curtains I tell you wotch it x

GO watch it lads, take your grilfriends, wives, daughters, mistresses , whoever, it starts like a cartoon and you think oh whats this, but it soon gets you , its witty, romantic, funny relaxing and lots of fun fun fun worth a watch

It was an amusing movie for both children and adults. My grandad, mum, me and younger brother all enjoyed it thoroughly. Loved the happily ever after ending! :)

I thought the film was truly great and captured a bit of the old disney magic. I had five boys with me ranging in age from 4 to 10 and there were bits in it thta they all thought was fantastic- my friend and i loved it!!!!! It is a must go see film and as soon as its on dvd i shall be buying it!!!!! Enjoy

Great film, although probably aimed at younger children and girls of any age. Took my 3 yr old son who does not normally sit still for long during a film but who sat right to the end. He has also spoken about it alot this week, although mainly about the Dragon! I think older boys wold love it but would perhaps not like to admit to it as it is a tad girly. :o)

I took my 11 year old son to see it, we both enjoyed it but I think I laughed more than he. Good family film.:-)

Nothing about this film was family un-friendly, and it managed to be a sweet happily ever after story with a greater lesson for the adults to appreciate. I think people of all ages could appreciate it, whether kids, adults with a sense of romance, or any fan of the Disney genre. Perfectly safe for children with enough to keep adults interested and entertained. I was pleasantly surprised!

Awww This Film Was So Good! I'm Not 8 But I Still Loved It!

This film was awesome! very funny and enjoyable to watch, one of those films you would go to see again at the cinema.

Just as I expected, both Beowulf and Golden Compass were great presents of strong Jupiter in Sagittarius, but the best present of the transit came as a surprise, and in the evening when Jupiter was in the last seconds of the sign. The present is the ready-classic “Enchanted�, which continues and renews the best traditions of the Disney art. It is a musical as they used to be in the time of young Julie Andrews (and she is here too, as Narrator). Amy Adams, who is 33, plays an innocent and naïve fairytale princess developing into a real - but still pure – mundane girl. Without giving a spoiler, I just mention a fantastic scene where a little girl teaches the princess about the adult life – that’s real fun! Adams’ own life is a kind of fairytale: one of seven children of a military officer, she was born in US military base in Italy, raised in Colorado, worked in a chain restaurant and then had a TV career – to be elevated in her 30s, whereas most of TV stars remain where they started. Why? Because this Leo girl has Sun and Mercury on royal fixed star Regulus. To understand why she is similar in appearance to Nicole Kidman, just look at their Venuses in Leo (and other coinciding natal points). http://vlivina.blogspot.com/2007/12/enchanted.html

I went to see the film i loved it it was funny but i will amit that the cartoon bit at the begining was a bit boring cause all they really did was sing. I liked it so much i am going to see it again woop woop :) lol

I've seen this movie with both my daughter (age 8) and son (age 7) and I must say it gives you the most warm feeling inside. My son liked it too even though its very girly and romantic. This movie makes everyone feel happy and dancing - not singing though. Give it a chance , that's what fairytales are meant to do.

Faintly ridiculous premise, probably lacks credibility unless seen at Christmas time but frankly I thought it was the best film I've seen in ages, Patrick Dempsey and the rest of the cast are brilliant. I laughed so much I cried!(27 year old Princess)

A good family fim, I didnt want it to end. Not for the men though.

Why would anybody go and see this film expecting it to be anything other than a fairytale rom-com? Get real people, as far the remit goes this film ticks all the boxes.

This film was great! I saw the world premiere, the audience loved it, it's funny, witty, fluffy and very Disney! My only criticism is that Idina needed more screen time =p

The film is amazing and great for anyone with a good sence of hummor! A classy real life shrek but a million times better

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