Ender's Game

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Ender's Game

Hollywood producers should stop listening to nerds. The cheerleaders of the geek-net already managed to talk gullible studio bosses into bankrolling flops like ‘Watchmen’ and ‘John Carter’, but their work is not yet done. Based on a moderately popular 1985 sci-fi novel, ‘Ender’s Game’ is yet another intriguing, complex, strangely unlikeable big-budget experiment destined to thrill the fans and befuddle the rest of us.

The first half is crammed with ideas, as 12-year-old strategic prodigy Ender Wiggin (a wonderfully frosty Asa Butterfield) is hand-picked to lead Earth’s military in the war against alien Formics. The cast are strong, the effects well designed, and the script’s interest in how violence influences and inspires children is timely and insightful.

But it falters once the actual war begins: Ben Kingsley shows up as a Maori warrior with the weirdest imaginable accent, the final battle is uninvolving, and there’s an unconvincing upbeat coda. ‘Ender’s Game’ ends up being fitfully engaging and endearingly odd.


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Friday October 25 2013
114 mins

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Gavin Hood
Gavin Hood
Ben Kingsley
Asa Butterfield
Hailee Steinfeld
Brendan Meyer
Harrisson Ford

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Not since John Carter has so much been wasted for so little return on a pile of rubbish. It is difficult to decide where to start. On a positive point the film looks great, though I might well amend that opinion if the actual film of Gravity is as amazing looking as the trailer hints at. It's just a shame it is backed by such a dull and monotone script. No doubt Ford and Davies looked at the cheque and held their nose at what they were being asked to do. Both Steinfeld and Butterfield need to get better agents if this is what they are being advised to do. There are a number of disturbing sub plots, one of which involves the led character and his sister, who may not be his sister but some form of alien, and an underlying sexual sub plot between the two. Also the rather chaste but smouldering passion between Steinfeld and Butterfield's characters despite Butterfield's character being obviously considerably younger. I imagine the losses that this will make will prevent the sequel being made. Pretty to look at but otherwise very very disappointing. I felt like I needed a bath after watching it. Poor and only worth one star.

I have been waiting to see this made into a film since back when I first read the book int he 1980's. I hope they don't screw it up. If they can show the build up in the battle games and then the sweat of the adults as he goes through the "grad school" portion ie the real world then it will be huge.

The reviewer fails to inform us if the books format is followed in the movie. In the book you are led to believe something for the entire book and are then turned completely upside down in the final scene and the enormity of what was done hits you. The scenes of Ender in training being overwhelmed unfairly with odds stacked against him higer and higer and then going on to some sort of 'graduate school" for further "training" all lead you down a path for WTF. If the reviewer saw a movie that die all that and came away befuddled then they are just old and stupid. If the movie failed to do that then say it. Perhaps the reviewr should read the cliff notes of the book first.

Terrible not worth watching harrison ford wasn't at his best and the film was the same boring thing but worse