Fast Girls

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Fast Girls
Yes, it’s a shameless Olympics cash-in. But as flagwaving fluff goes, this comedy-drama about a young sprinter from a London council estate is a likeable enough feelgood film, played with heart by its young cast. And unlike the real thing, you can put money on a happy ending with shiny medals all round for Team GB.
Lenora Crichlow is Shania, a sprinter who’s training on a knackered track with a shopkeeper coach, and who out of the blue qualifies for the British squad, beating posh Lisa (Lily James – you can tell she’s a mean girl by her swinging ponytail). The rivalry between the two intensifies when they’re forced to train together on the relay team for the World Athletics Championships (Olympics logo too expensive, then?). Can the pair overcome their differences to pull off the baton handover they’ve been botching? What do you think? 
The target audience is clearly those teenagers who piled in to see ‘Kidulthood’ and ‘Streetdance’ so the script is all attitude and gobby put-downs, some of them pretty funny. Here’s Shania’s bitchy sister giving her the once-over before she leaves for a swanky fundraiser: ‘You’ve got Primark written all over you.’ Some of the girl power stuff is a bit wincing and it’s never totally convincing, but with charm and buckets of energy, you’ll forgive it. What’s more, while this isn’t a film about race, the leads do happen to be mostly black or mixed race. Nice to see black women centre screen for a change… how depressing to even notice. 

By: Cath Clarke


Release details

Rated: 12A
Release date: Friday June 15 2012
Duration: 91 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Regan Hall
Screenwriter: Noel Clarke, Jay Basu
Cast: Noel Clarke
Rupert Graves
Bradley James
Lenora Crichlow
Lily James

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3.2 / 5

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A real suprise.. yes formulaic but realistic dialogue,natuarlistic performances and characters with some light and shade Critchlow puts in a performance that suggests that if she stopped accepting every rubbish BBC commision thrown her way is a real star in the making

Lovely film. Cliched and predictable yes, but very engaging cast; exhilarating race scenes, and definitely the feelgood factor in abundance. Better than a season's worth of exploding helicopters - it does exactly what it sets out to do. Just ask yourself what you want from the cinema next time you plan to go. If you're still considering this after the main review above, you won't regret seeing this.

Surprisingly I enjoyed this. It's definitely not the kind of film I'd normally see, but I watched it unexpectedly and though it was cliched there was enough about it to like, particularly the last race - excitingly filmed, the actors seemed convincing as athletes (but I'm not an athlete so I might be wrong there).

Recommended. It sounds like it's going to be predictable and, indeed, it is but good dialogue and acting performances carry you along.

Unlike the other reviewers I have actually seen the film. It is a play it by the rules list of cliches that seems to me to be a film made by focus group rather than a single mind. We have the poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks with enough baggage to sink a cats home full of kittens in sacks. Add in a poor little rich girl and her domineering get it his way dad and we know where we are. You can guess the rest without too much thought. To save you the effort we have the falll out; the pout re not working in a team and then the twist of fate that puts them back together. We move through yet another disaster and then the reaffirming "we are all in together" makeup and the bad girl isn't really bad just misunderstood reunion. Chuck in a token pretty boy love triangle with both main female leads and the obligatory happy ending. An OK tv movie but not up to the standards of Bend it Like Beckham, for example. Pay your money and get exactly what you expect.Two stars.

Fast girls seems like a very good film. I have not seen it yet but I'm seeing it on the day it comes out, Friday 15th. Please watch the advert and I'm sure you'll agree that it looks quite interesting. I'll write another review once I've seen the film! Thanks :)