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2 out of 5 stars
2 out of 5 stars
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‘Faster’ begins in a very Old Testament key, with an ex-con referred to only as Driver (Dwayne Johnson) emerging from a dusty prison, picking up a killer set of wheels and decorating a drab telemarketing office with a guy’s bullet-splattered brains. Let the roaring rampage of revenge begin! Except this is really a tale of redemption, in which the man formerly known as The Rock must learn to forgive those who done him wrong… while still mutilating them, of course. The have-it-both-ways approach quickly grows tiresome and tedious. But at least it’s not ‘The Tooth Fairy’.


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Release date:
Friday February 4 2011
98 mins

Cast and crew

George Tillman Jr
Tony Gayton, Joe Gayton
Dwayne Johnson
Billy Bob Thornton
Maggie Grace
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Really not very good. Saw this the same weekend I saw True Grit, so you can imagine the contrast!! The Rock is dull as dish water and, although his plight is clear, his ‘bro-mance’ with his half brother is laughable and forced. Billy Bob looks wimpy and, although he doesn’t ham it up too much, he looks desperately bored. The ending poses more questions than answers really – is he now a fugitive? Also, an awful role for the Brit ‘actor’ who plays ‘Killer’…learn how to act and speak with a decent accent. Silly – but the cars are nice and its only 90 minutes, so 2/5.

Uncompromising attempt to come across as a no nonsense hardboiled B movie. Crackerjack driving scene on display here. This amalgamation of many similar type films from yesteryear is finally upended by having a yuppy hitman as one of it's 3 main strands. It totally throws the momentum off kilter. The rock is solid in what he is asked to do. Could have been a belter - instead we get a damn good attempt which fails in it's own conviction. Look forward to seeing the directors next film.

This is a really unevenly paced film with quite strange touches. The trailer makes it seem like an action film - but it feels much more like an old 60s film like Point Blank with silly modern editing touches thrown in. The Rock is ultimately wasted in a practically non-speaking role and Billy Bob can do so much more than he does here. The character of the Killer really seemed like he should have been written out of the film. He's not a bad character but the film just wastes far too much time following him around. It wouldn't surprise me if this film goes straight to DVD in the UK. Shame - I was hoping The Rock would have a massive comeback. Perhaps Fast Five will brings the goods.