2 out of 5 stars
2 out of 5 stars
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For what it's worth, this could be Schumacher's best film. There's no stylised-to-oblivion cartoon sensationalism, none of the knee-jerk politics of Falling Down; just two lonely men in a big bad city (New York, natch), and a couple of involved performances from De Niro and Hoffman, one bearing a speech impediment, the other wearing a dress. The story's an opposites-repel number, a chaste male love story charting the reluctant meeting of minds of homophobic cop Walt and ballsy drag diva Rusty, tenement-block neighbours who spend their spare time squabbling across the courtyard that separates them. An uninvolving mob-loot plot, which mostly keeps itself in the background, intercedes to leave the policeman crippled by a stroke. Too ashamed to seek help from his friends, he grudgingly shuffles upstairs and supplicates Rusty for singing lessons by way of therapy. A palatably mainstream critique of pride, prejudice and identity barriers, it's unexceptional material; indeed, it might seem drab were it not for the leads. De Niro pulls out a couple of stops, and Hoffman has a ball.


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Friday November 28 2008
108 mins

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Joel Schumacher, Michael Radford
Joel Schumacher, Edward Anderson
Robert De Niro
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Barry Miller
Chris Bauer
Skipp Sudduth
Wilson Jermaine Heredia
Nashom Benjamin
Scott Allen Cooper
Demi Moore
Lambert Wilson
Michael Caine
Joss Ackland

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I think that if flawless described one thing in the film, it was Michael Cain’s portrayal of the role he played as the clever old janitor with a mission. Demi Moore also immersed herself well into the role ofthe troubled and betrayed executive, but her acting was let down slightly by the on-off English accent she was supposed to have - at times her speech was a bit slurred. It may sound old fashioned, but maybe some actors should be taking lessons in diction. This is especially true if we have to listen hard to hear them above the often very intense and loud soundtrack that goes with the film. This is what we experienced in spades with Flawless - my hearing is quite good, but I really had to strain to hear and follow the dialogue in this film. The superb performances of all the actors in this film were spoilt terribly by the totally unnecessary loud and invasive soundtrack. I think that Michael Radford should remake this film without his very loud soundtrack - the good reviews would then come flooding in, I'm sure!

A much better film than the Time Out review suggests . .What the Time Out reviewer misses is the film's integrity . . . it is more than just a `heist movie` . . at its heart it is a film about moral choices . . . . as Michael Caine says . . `two wrongs don't make a right . . . that's rubbish .. sometimes they do` . . . It is not the `heist` that is the focus of this movie . . . .it is the journey made by Demi Moore's character . . . . Dave Calhoun misses the point . .. Although the leisurely pace of the movie is somewhat difficult to take at times, it compliments the one of the themes of music which is how `time` can eat away at lives, and how important it is to use that time usefully and productively. Demi Moore and Michael Caine are excellent. The Italian Job was a great movie, but this has more depth.

A really clever film. Surprisingly good. Demi Moore's finest hour as an actress. A little slow and could have been half an hour shorter but otherwise worthwhile.

only the director and screen writer, neither of the stars, should be blamed for this terrible film,

Demi Moore actually puts in a brilliant acting performance in this movie..Not a lot of people will notice that..What is it with M.Caine in the last years..Give him a supporting role..Batman..The Prestigue and he gives fabulous performances that are strong, confident and enduring..But give him a starring role and he goes into the hamper of his past movies and puts on a pantomime..In this we have bits from Educating Rita, Sleuth and a couple of others..but none of them have anything to do with THIS Movie...This movie could have been another LOOPHOLE..Which is an excellent robbery movie from the early carear of M.Sheene..O.K so the script was poor..but Demi M Whom I barely recognised was terrific..Yes I will say it again..i WHO WOULD NORMALLY AVOIT THIS ACTRESS LIKE THE PLAGUE..sHE WAS BRIL...and actually gave what turnrd out to be a weak movie some substance..I totally blame M.Caine...his acting was none existent and the whole movie is tainted by it..although the plan was more correlated to stealin hot dogs from a stand on Blackpool pier than diamonds from a vault..All I can say to all concerned with this movie is..IF YOU AIN`T GONNA BOTHER..WHY BOTHER AT ALL... 2 STARS..bOTH FOR dEMI