Foreign Correspondent

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Foreign Correspondent
Despite the now rather embarrassing propagandistic finale, with McCrea urging an increase in the war effort against the Nazis, Hitchcock's espionage thriller is a thoroughly enjoyable affair, complete with some of his most memorable set pieces. McCrea and Day are the lovers searching out Nazi agents in London and Holland after the disappearance of a peace-seeking diplomat, while Sanders, Gwenn amd the normally wooden Marshall lend fine support. Something of a predecessor of the picaresque chase thrillers like Saboteur and North by Northwest, its main source of suspense comes from the fact that little is what it seems to be: a camera hides an assassin's gun, sails of a windmill conceal a sinister secret, and the sanctuary of Westminster Cathedral provides an opportunity for murder. Not one of the director's greatest - there's little of his characteristic cruelty or moral pessimism - but still eminently watchable.

By: GA

Release details

Duration: 120 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Screenwriter: Charles Bennett, Joan Harrison, James Hilton, Robert Benchley
Cast: Joel McCrea
Laraine Day
Herbert Marshall
George Sanders
Albert Basserman
Edmund Gwenn
Eduardo Ciannelli
Robert Benchley
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