Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed

Film, Horror
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Hammer's fifth Frankenstein film shifts the horror from the Monster, now a sad and pathetic victim, to the Baron (Cushing), now an embittered and ruthless tyrant. Abducting his former assistant Dr Brandt (Pravda) from a lunatic asylum, the Baron transplants his brain into the body of Dr Richter (Jones). Restored to sanity but with his brain trapped within an alien body, the heavily bandaged Brandt/Richter monster is able to talk to his grief-stricken wife (Audley) but unable to understand or explain the transformation that has 'cured' him. Fisher taps a rich vein of Romanticism here, making this the high point of a series that afterwards degenerated into the sloppy self-parody of Jimmy Sangster's The Horror of Frankenstein.

By: NF

Release details

Duration: 97 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Terence Fisher
Screenwriter: Bert Batt
Cast: Peter Cushing
Veronica Carlson
Simon Ward
Freddie Jones
Thorley Walters
Maxine Audley
George Pravda
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