Film, Horror
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A 'nature strikes back' eco-drama built on sturdy, if predictable, Ten Little Nigger lines. Elliott plays an ecological photographer snapping wildlife and garbage around the private island home of a millionaire family with nasty habits like spraying insecticide, collecting hunting trophies, catching butterflies. They gather annually for birthday celebrations under the iron fist of patriarch Milland; multiplying and mutating into giant (but not unbelievable) species as a result of the pollution, the reptiles become malevolent, causing the deaths of one after another of the family. Two good points: no revenge-on-frog scenes after they climactically overwhelm Milland in the abandoned house; and apart from some manipulation by cross-cutting, all the reptiles behave fairly normally. Filmed in the usual crisp AIP style, with dazzling sunlight and ominous shadows.

Release details

Duration: 90 mins

Cast and crew

Director: George McCowan
Screenwriter: Robert Hutchison, Robert Blees
Cast: Ray Milland
Sam Elliott
Joan Van Ark
Adam Roarke
Judy Pace
Lynn Borden
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