From Dusk till Dawn

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It might be more interesting to watch this Tarantino/Rodriguez film without knowing what's in store, in which case, skip this review and take your chances. But don't come running back to me if double-barrelled schizophrenic gun-crazy gut-shot evangelical sleaze, incendiary, popcorn-blowing macho mayhem, slinky, soul-searching zombie strippers, and vampiric cult-infested cinemania don't light your pipe. Tarantino and Clooney are the Gecko brothers, sick and ruthless killers, respectively. They commandeer the motor home of the Rev Fuller (Keitel) to evade the cops en route to a midnight rendezvous at the Titty Twister, hottest whorehouse in all Mexico. Along for the ride are Fuller's teen kids, and the Reverend himself, who has most definitely picked the wrong day to lose his faith. Written by Tarantino in 1990 on a commission from a special effects company, the film is aimed squarely at (male) horror movie fans who appreciate the nuances of impalement by pool cue, pencil and table leg. Rodriguez has a lot of fun dreaming up cool ways to kill people (he's making this his life's work), but he also gets something resembling a performance from Tarantino and transforms Clooney into a full-fledged movie star. Bikers, head-bangers and film geeks will rave to the grave.

By: TCh

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Duration: 107 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Screenwriter: Quentin Tarantino
Cast: Harvey Keitel
George Clooney
Quentin Tarantino
Juliette Lewis
Cheech Marin
Fred Williamson
Salma Hayek
John Saxon

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5 / 5

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I absolutely loved this film due to the fact that I watched it without knowing the premise. Back before the internet was big, spoilers were harder to come by so I watched this romp thinking it was the usual Tarantino-style action and dialogue, this time directed by Robert Rodriguez. Two brothers are on the run, kidnap someone, then kidnap a whole family so they can make it across the border to safety. Of course, things aren't that simple and what happens halfway through the film completely turns things on its head in spectacular style. It's funny, gory and at times touching with that pulp style that Tarantino fans love so much. I highly recommend this movie if you like films such as Pulp Fiction and Desperado.