Full Moon in Blue Water

Film, Comedy
A low-budget comedy-drama, slow to start, in which Masterson's uncinematic direction, and first-time screenwriter Bill Bozzone's reliance on characterisation, reveal their shared theatrical backgrounds. Hackman helps no end with a strong performance as the self-pitying, cynical owner of a poky bar on the Texas Gulf Coast. Mounting debts, combined with the disappearance of his wife, lead him to the verge of selling out to unscrupulous land-grabbers. But that same day he also has to contend with the muddled kidnapping of his wheelchair-bound father-in-law (Meredith), a hold-up, and a bust-up with his casual girlfriend (Garr). Low-key stuff with an assortment of eccentric rednecks, probably better suited to the small screen.

Release details

Duration: 95 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Peter Masterson
Screenwriter: Bill Bozzone
Cast: Gene Hackman
Teri Garr
Burgess Meredith
Elias Koteas
Kevin Cooney
David Doty
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