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Comedy is hard, so they say. Fluffy, 1960s-style caper movies are tough, too, if this mediocre remake of a far superior 1966 frolic is anything to go by. The original starred Michael Caine as a schemer teaming up with a nightclub dancer to part a wealthy Arab businessman from a priceless statue. The enticing prospect of the Coen brothers taking on the script of this version proves ill-founded: they’ve packed a re-tooled storyline with clunky stereotypes and botched the suspense in the climactic heist.

The actors partly save the day. Colin Firth adopts a fallback style of clenched teeth and a pained look. His likeable performance as a London art expert plotting to turn the tables on his employer with a fake Monet keeps the movie on track, just. But Cameron Diaz overdoes her gee-shucks cowgirl routine as the Texas rodeo artiste at the crux of Firth’s plans, while Alan Rickman gets it all wrong in his shrill turn as the bastard boss. There’s an air of laziness here, with tired attempts at wringing laughter from hapless Japanese businessmen and Firth minus his trousers. This sort of light diversion should sparkle and fizz, but ‘Gambit’ is like drinking cheap, warm champagne from a plastic cup.

By: Trevor Johnston


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Release date:
Wednesday November 21 2012
89 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Hoffman
Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Cameron Diaz
Alan Rickman
Colin Firth
Stanley Tucci

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Eight people started out watching, and by half time this had dropped to four. Easily the worst film I have seen this century. Probably all-time worst if you take into account expectations of Firth and Diaz. Think I'd would prefer having my eyes poked out with red-hot needles to wasting time on this turkey.

One of the worst films I've seen in a long time, cannot believe such a good cast could sign up to this garbage Colin Firth was totally underused,Cameron Diaz as stunning as ever but getting a bit long in the tooth for these kind of roles and capable of so much better also surprised to see Alan Rickman in such a turkey, avoid this one like the plague

Like TAKEN 2, funny for all the wrong reasons. Rickman spends the first half speaking like he has a rusty nail in his shoe, Diaz is delightfully awful (but hot as in THE MASK again AT LAST!) and Tucci makes no impact what so ever! (Quite a fete, well done Hoffman) But that said, it has a sort of NUNS ON THE RUN awfulness that bizarrely bought joy! Unlimited, freebee or £5 max.......and a beer or two before! 6/10

Oh, man! A strange film, for sure, not the best script... but I laughed so hard I started coughing! I'll go see it again.

Oh, man! A strange film, for sure, not the best script... but I laughed so hard I started coughing! I'll go see it again.

easily the worst film I have seen for years. Comedy??? You must be joking!! Expected so much more from a star studden cast. Not one decent laugh in the 90 minutes. have to give it one star as that is the lowest rating. would give zero if I could.

I managed to see Gambit at the World Premier in Leicester Square. And whilst the Empire Cinema was a great experience, this film was very disappointing. Gambit started well, set in Texas, and for a few minutes seemd quite entertaining, but when the story moved to London it became very 'silly'. Cameron Diaz did a geat job, with a bad story line. Her fans will not be disappointed. Likewise Colin Firth acted the part well, but he seemed like a lost 'Mr Bean' for much of the film, which really didn't suit his acting skills. The bad guy played by Alan Rickman was just unbelievable, improbable and tiresome. This is supposed to be a comedy, but I didn't hear many laughs...