George of the Jungle

Film, Family and kids
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Based on the characters of Jay Ward's TV cartoon series, this live action feature pitches itself on the level of exotic, anything-goes pantomime, with Tarzan-like George, a talking ape, a pelican, a pet elephant, a pith-helmeted eco-villain (Church), and a willowy but plucky love interest (Mann). Fraser is a natural for the hero, brought up in Bukuvu National Park, Africa, by Ape, his snobbish bookworm butler - incompetently, though, since George can't swing on a vine without crashing his tackle. His mix of bare-faced cheek, infantilism and physical exuberance sets the tone, while the plot's absurdities are acknowledged with disarming candidness. The story is incidental - the villain wants to abduct the talking ape for financial gain - and thankfully the animatronics and computer effects aren't allowed to overwhelm the proceedings.

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Release details

Duration: 92 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sam Weisman
Screenwriter: Dana Olsen, Audrey Wells
Cast: Brendan Fraser
Leslie Mann
Thomas Haden Church
Richard Roundtree
Greg Crutwell
Abraham Benrubi
John Cleese