Film, Action and adventure
Moore fights a conspiracy to flood a gold mine and thus increase the world price of gold, allowing the villains to profit by prior investment. Apart from neat performances by Milland and Gielgud, the only point of note is that Gold was made in South Africa against union wishes. Predictably, black miners are depicted as a loyal army of cheery coons, a notion that concludes with a black overseer sacrificing his life to save Moore's. Ah, well, at least the film's idea of justice extends as far as having the villain (Dillman) run over by his own Rolls Royce.

By: CPe

Release details

Duration: 124 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Peter Hunt
Screenwriter: Stanley Price, Wilbur Smith
Cast: Tony Beckley
Simon Sabela
Susannah York
Ray Milland
John Gielgud
Roger Moore
Bradford Dillman
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