Good Luck Chuck

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Good Luck Chuck

Dentist Charlie (Dane Cook) has become known as a good luck charm, so women are begging to sleep with him. Once you’ve bedded him, you meet your true love and get married. So hey, he’d be doing them a favour, right? Cue endless montages of Cook servicing a series of unfeasibly attractive women. Add Jessica Alba into the mix and you truly have a 14-year-old boy’s fantasy. She’s Charlie’s ideal woman: cute, penguin-loving and accident prone, so she bumps into lamp-posts while he’s wisecracking.

But this rom-com is seriously lacking in the laugh department, never mind the aimless narrative based on some hocus pocus about a curse (this was originally a short story, and it shows). Alba and Cook do have charm and a hint of chemistry, and there are moments when his natural comic ability peeks through (probably a rare moment of ad libbing). But the script is so reliant on wish-fulfillment it forgets to add those important little touches: you know, wit, sincerity, characterisation, that kind of thing… A very cheap shot – and hardly anyone calls him ‘Chuck’.

By: Anna Smith


Release details

Rated: 15
Release date: Friday November 9 2007
Duration: 99 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Mark Helfrich
Screenwriter: Josh Stolberg, Steve Glenn
Cast: Dane Cook
Jessica Alba
Dan Fogler
Lonny Ross

Average User Rating

4.7 / 5

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  • 5 star:17
  • 4 star:1
  • 3 star:2
  • 2 star:0
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thiss fillm was soo funny i couldnt say 1 bad thing about it..ohh the rudnes haha but just story line isnt it... i think it is appropriate for people ageg 15 myself..its nothing and not THAT bad , it isnt as though we havent heard of or seen before on other filss.. live a little the fillms ace ... Bestt 1 soo far in 2007.. HAS TO BE SEEENN !!! TRUST ME... if yoo enjoy comedy and romance This film has bothh... brilliant story line different to otherss ,,, Boysss will like this film haha xx EXELENT FILM 6 STARSS mwah

I'm pretty easy to please, especially where Jessica Alba is involved. But this film was just dire; there was very little in the way of remotely intellectual humour (the fourth time Alba falls over is as unfunny as the first three) and a bit too much crass sexual content. Give it a miss.

has to be one of the funnest films made this yeah! one of the top 10's in my chart

I loved the film, made me laugh loadsa! Different to most films of its type, lots of boobs and sex, but soooo funny! Got to be seen!

I though this film was fairly good!! Made me laugh quite alot!! Mostly at cam bein clumsy lol. Liked the story line was bit diff to most films! and awwh the penguins ...Soo cute.

OK film few funny lines. Jessica Alba in a wetsuit. Enough Said.

I found this film really entertaining to watch! There was not a moment where I laughed so hard I began to cry but there were a lot of moments that tickled me. The chemistry between chuck and cam is very admirable and very sweet and its their chemistry which made me love this film. I would watch this again because of how cheeky they are together its hilariously heart warming. I would definately recommend to go see this film! May I quote a very funny line in this film to those who have watched it! 'well here I am... what are your other two wishes?' LOL love this film!!

Yeah ok, so this is not laugh out loud hilarious as all best bits probably in trailer but did have a good chuckle and have seen alot worse lately.

i so love this film O M G y are stupid people rating it a one star I THINK IM GOING TO DIE "OHHH MYYY GOSHH """ love itttttttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by gerladine newlands :-D;-)

This film is the shit!!!!! i love, love loved it. people are hrting my feelings whrn the dis it.

This is well funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!