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2 out of 5 stars
If you can remember the seismic upheaval in the superhero order that was ‘Superman III’, during which the square-jawed one grew stubble, hit the whisky bottle and flicked peanuts at barmen, you may get flashbacks when watching Will Smith’s Hancock. But the big difference between Christopher Reeve’s trad hero and this latest lazy, drunken member of the caped fraternity is that Hancock was never a Samaritan in the first place. He looks like a tramp, he kips on benches, and he leaves behind him a trail of destruction wherever he tries to lend a hand. He doesn’t even
own a cape.

He’s a selfish layabout in need of some old-fashioned movie redemption. Which is exactly what we get. Oddly, it takes a suburban PR executive called Ray – played with charm by Jason Bateman – to correct Hancock’s behaviour, even if Ray’s wife Mary (Charlize Theron) is strangely wary of their friendship. As Ray gets to work on Hancock’s image, the film offers some humour and Smith, as ever, is fairly charismatic.

For the first half, there’s a laidback, knowing vibe to the script and Smith has some fun with the whole bizarre idea while director Peter Berg swings his camera about as he did for ‘The Kingdom’. It’s a very modern conceit: that behind every successful man lies an even better publicist. And it’s no coincidence that Hollywood, with its reliance on a well-oiled PR machine, has come up with a fictional publicist who’s more angel than svengali. But then the rest of the film – after an hour – flops spectacularly.

The big problem is that the script tries to have its cake and eat it, first ribbing us with nods and winks emanating from this sideways view of a superhero and then abandoning this detachment in favour of a traditional comic-book showdown that feels out of place, rushed and squeezed into the film’s remaining minutes. Put simply, the filmmakers bottle it.

Hancock’s reinvention as a good guy coincides with the emergence of a super-criminal played by Brit actor Eddie Marsan, who in the facial hair department looks like he’s stepped off the set of ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’. He’s a lame villain. There’s an unexpected twist that throws some weird, distracting logic into the mix, followed by a crisis, a fight, a spurt of apocalyptic digital larks – and it’s over. The film bows out not as a wink-wink pastiche but as a straightforward superhero movie – and a bad one at that.



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Release date:
Thursday February 7 2008
92 mins

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Peter Berg
Vincent Ngo, Vince Gilligan
Will Smith
Jason Bateman
Charlize Theron

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4 out of 5 stars

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I read all the negatie reviews on here before visiting the cinema and almost didn't go to see the film because of them. I'm so glad i decided to see for myself what it was like because it was an excellent movie. Very funny and also almost heartbreaking. I enjoyed this film immensly and to think i almost didn't see it because a lot of reviews were negative. Each to their own i suppose, but the 5 of us that went to see it all loved it. Not a boring moment, it didn't fizzle out after 40 minutes. Go find out for yourself.

the best super hero movie this summer loads of fun and relaxed performances -takes itself with a great tongue-in -cheek humor-seen it twice will buy dvdtoo

I've seen this twice - it was great the first time, but the second time is even better due to the twist near the end: you see it from a different perspective. I highly recommend this film.

Hancock was great i seen it about 2/3 weeks ago and it was so funny i advise everybody to go watch it cause you dont know what your missing!!!!

The Film Was Excellant, I Was Laughing All The Way Thru, Deffo A Dvd Ill B Buying Wen Its Realised. I Was Talking Bwt It For Days... Its Got Sum Catchy Lines That R Soo Funny U Ended Up Saying Them To People Lol! Who Ever Goes To See This Film Wont B Disappointed!

was shocked when i came on to look at listings and saw only 2 stars for this film. i found it hilarious, it quickly became one of my favourite films & i even went to see it again!

Took my 2 boys to see this ( 12 & 14) and wasnt looking forward to it very much.... Was i mistaken. I laughed out loud many times and i had a lump in my throat at one point. The boys loved it and so did i. I love Will Smith anyway but this was a great feel good film and well worth watching. Id watch it again and i couldnt say that of some films that i have seen that had rave reviews ..... Give it a try. Laugh out loud n smile......

I don't understand, you say it doesn't work cause it's all rushed. It's supposed to be like that, he's not supposed to fit comfortably into the super hero theme. I generally thought it was a fantastic movie (as all Will Smith films are) and even though the story behind the husband/wife thing wasn't amazing it still made for a perfectly reasonable movie.

the film is mega! its funny and sad at some points but its one of the best films i have ever seen. i love will smiths films he is the greatest and is gawjus n all :P anyone who thinks this film is poo its NOT!

why is everyone sayin the ending is rubbish?? the reason u think it was rubbish is because u wanted more. That was what the directors wanted u 2 do, so they can bring out a sequel to the film. u people who slate the ending of this film know nuthing about superhero films, spiderman left u wanting more after the first film and look how successful that is now!, some of these critics are just pesimistic!!

i thought it was ausom i couldnt even get out of my seat to get a drink then later no go to the loo!!!!!!!!! lol hugs and kisses to all my m8s.♥♥♥

Outstanding film people! Me and my friend found it hilarious, if you did not find it funny then I'm sorry but you need to get your brains sorted :)

I'm a big film fan, so i know a good film when i see one. I'm also the type of person who does not generally laugh out loud at movies, but this really did. The people who say this film is rubbish are idiots. You won't regret watching it, i promise!

the fim was amazing i loved every second of it. people that say its rubbish need there eyes testing i even criend in it near the end. will smith had a great character and the twist was very unexpected but was very good. so i would go and watch it as soon as possible..

I loved the angle were smith is being rejected and he is pretending not to care ,he describes the human vulnerability where we like to be appreciated even when we are superhuman ,this makes a very intelligent take on today's superheroes and their vulnerability . masterful cinema indeed from every aspect . smith acted really well in the bank robbery episode and the aftermath .he is a champ .

Absolutely Great Film... I Loved It.. Will Smith is wicked in it.. and yes it is a bit of what you expect but the way it was done was good...Yes remember it is for children and i dont know how you can sit through the whole thing without laughing... Its for people who have a good normal sense of humour.. Will acts so well at what he does and it has a sad side to it. Its just great...12A remeber people!! =]

its one of the best movies ive seen in a while i think they should make the second one it could be alot better yoou never know will smith is a great actor and needs too have a few friends and not just some fools haten on him how hard do you think it is too be an actor you may never know hes doin the best he can and here yall are dragen him down its just wrong!movie cridects are dumb as a rock if they think that movie was boring

ive seen many will smith movies i am legend being 1 but no of them compare 2 dis AWSOMEEEE!!!!!!!! GREATE FILM IF U AINT WATCHED IT YET U BETTER SOON LOL!

Awesome film! Great humor and action it in, i enjoyed it loads aswell as my mates, they thought it was brill. dnno what the critics are on about giving it bad reviews they clearly dont know their stuff, ok so the story line may not appeal to some but its funny, action packed and geat to watch, a must see!!

i wonder if the review people, saw the same movie i did, because this is the best movie ever. it is not fictionat like superman. it funnier then supperman. more action then supperman. good story lines then supperman. P.S a good movie. too many haters around here.

this film is wiked all you people dont know your films all hateing all saying this is hes crappest film yet this is what a film is supposed to be about its got humor action romance in 1 word this film is DA SHIT(WIKED)

Hancock, great idea, decently executed. laugh out loud moments with some little chuckles thrown in between. Good fun movie. entertainment.

A fantastic film, I dont think you can judge it by other superhero movie standards. Its a very unique funny FUN filbut m nothing more, nor does it pretend to be anything more. I really enjoyed it.

Really good fun this film. It compares well to films like wanted where they don't quite take themselves seriously and in my opinion that really works with both films. I was expecting to get a bit of emotion a bit of action and a few laughs and thats exactly what i got. Just cause it has will smith in it doesn't mean its going to be the best film in history.

No matter what other say, this movie gives me a new story behide all heros. i though they all have the same, u cant love the one u love because u will put them in danger. But this one give us a new reason. special effect is good. everything is JUST mint, not too much, not too short. its abit upsad at the end he didnt show so much action, but i guess he has a story to tell. at the end, he is 3000 years old. lol

I watched this film as soon as it came out, its fantastic i love will smith hes a natural the film is jam packed with action it has a twist which comes as a total surprise to the viewer its a good twist but just when you think your gonna walk out the cinema sad it all changes and there is the odd hint of sarcasm and humour which make it funny and not too serious but overall the film gets a 8/10 from me great movie.

This is a really hammy and humourous mock -spoof of fantasy and human mythology ,from the love conspiracies of Greek gods to Batman ,it spares none and wins at every genre it delves into from action to comedy and love to fatality. The blundering bummer boy who is a serious comment on the real life existence of tragic prototypes of unemployed ethnic men on the streets of downtown america is both a happy story to entertain and to question the social injustice that Hancock fights . The pun on the sexuality of the middle-class,super-heroes is genius with their homo-erotic costumes yet hancock put his sexy frame in a leather -rubber sleek costume with the sexy theron in a memorable turn as a no-nonsese,correct but caring white woman role with a terrific twist . The movie then moves to sexual dimensions to virtually empower the weaker sex with the secret insticts they posess to maintain their superiority and fragility in love . It is clever as it masquerades as a pure high-octane entertainment super bomb which is charged with great humour and even better acting . Will smith was born to play this vagrant vagabond who is unsure of his motives and his existence which he is trying to put some meaning to,he is the most fragile of all human beings in his loneliness and yet the strongest,but the fatalistic philosophy is posed here to great affect ,you have to sacrifice something to get something and this is where smith and the talented director berg become super heroes of the cinematic media as this movie opens huge possibilities for the franchise with an extremely charismatic and talented team at hand ,SMITH AND THERON -i hope they have many happy prequels and sequels -but the line cannot be crossed as they cannot have nuptials . The audience were applauding continuously ,a phenomenon has arrived and after the mediocre I am legend ,smith has re-affirmed his status as king of Hollywood . move over -hancock is here .

The movie turned out better than I thought it would be.. It was funny and intriguing. Will Smith was as entertaining as always... Storyline was a bit weak but it was still a very entertaining movie... The most engaging one I have seen in a very long time... Nice one over all! :)

Despite all of these bad ratings, i think that this film was absolutly amazing, one of the best films ive seen in a while. will smith is a legend, and whatever film he is in is great! this is one of the best!

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