Heaven Tonight

Film, Drama
Although most films about the tribulations of rock stars are utterly awful, the occasional oddball which slips through the net keeps the 'pop film' genre alive and interesting. This tiny-budget Antipodean offering centres on an ageing has-been whose son's flourishing singing career provokes much domestic hassling and heartache. Taking a resolutely downbeat approach, and featuring some convincing footage in which the participants actually appear to be playing their instruments (a miracle!), this avoids all the naff 'let's-do-the-gig-here' clichés, for which praise is due indeed. Not as hard-hitting as Slade in Flame, perhaps, but nicely grim none the less.

By: MK

Release details

Duration: 93 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Pino Amenta
Screenwriter: Frank Howson, Alister Webb
Cast: John Waters
Kim Gyngell
Rebecca Gilling
Sean Cully
Guy Pearce
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