Henry's Crime

Film, Drama
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Having struggled to make it as an A-lister since ‘The Matrix’, Keanu Reeves goes back to his indie roots for this low-key, affecting ’70s-style crime comedy. The story begins quietly – perhaps too quietly – as hapless tollbooth operator Henry (Reeves) gets entangled in a bank robbery and is hauled in for a three-year stretch. Once released, Henry decides to commit the crime he’s served time for, hauling in bedraggled former cellmate Max (James Caan) as back-up. All fairly predictable – until the arrival of love interest and jobbing actress Julie (Vera Farmiga) takes Henry – and the film – in an unexpected direction. British director Malcolm Venville (‘44 Inch Chest’) handles the script’s shifts in tone with a sure hand, moving easily from autumnal drama to romantic comedy to suspenseful thiller, layering in a great soundtrack of ’60s soul. But it’s the cast who shine: Reeves plays to his strengths as the buttoned-down everyman, Farmiga radiates warmth and Caan hasn’t had a role this meaty since ‘Misery’. A quiet triumph.


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Release date:
Friday January 14 2011
108 mins

Cast and crew

Malcolm Venville
Sacha Gervasi
Keanu Reeves
Vera Farmiga
Judy Greer
James Caan

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3.2 / 5

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forgot the ** and they all belong to James Caan. Enjoyed 44 INCH CHEST a lot more.

This is the greatest fils I've ever seen! I used to think that "The Godfather" could not be surpassed; it has been now! A triumph.

Not a bad little film. It has an offbeat, quirky sense of humour throughout. If you're expecting a mainstream robbery film like Heat or Ocean's 11, you'll be disappointed. Keanu isn't too bad in the central role (for Keanu), Caan gets to play a quieter meatier role than usual - but the best thing about this film is Vera Farmiga. She's great in just about everything I've seen her in - and here she manages to have character depth while showing great comedy timing with some of her lines. Plus, she's not bad to look at!

I’m really surprised Time Out hasn’t featured this film in a more prominent position. I’m also surprised how little money has been spent promoting it with trailers. Now a middle-aged man, Reeves really shows he can act in this film. That’s not to say his past work is bad (though ‘The Lake House’ was truly dreadful), but it has been fairly mainstream. There’s a nice, clever storyline here, with a faultless cast, and excellent humour. Vera Farmiqa (Reeves’ love interest), is really good, as is James Cann. If Jeff Bridges deserved his gong for Crazy Heart last year, then I’d really like to see Reeves nominated for an Oscar for this one. All I can say is if you only go to the movies now and then, make sure it’s this one you go see.