High Noon

Film, Drama
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High Noon
A Western of stark, classical lineaments: Cooper, still mysteriously beautiful in ravaged middle-age, plays a small town marshal who lays life and wife on the line to confront a killer set free by liberal abolitionists from the North. Waiting for the murderer's arrival on the midday train, he enters a long and desolate night of the soul as the heat gathers, his fellow-citizens scatter, and it grows dark, dark, dark amid the blaze of noon. Writer Carl Foreman, who fetched up on the HUAC blacklist, leaves it open whether the marshal is making a gesture of sublime, arrogant futility - as his bride (Kelly), a Quaker opposed to violence, believes - or simply doing what a man must. High Noon won a fistful of Oscars, but in these days of pasteboard screen machismo, it's worth seeing simply as the anatomy of what it took to make a man before the myth turned sour.

By: SJo

Release details

Duration: 85 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Fred Zinnemann
Screenwriter: Carl Foreman
Cast: Grace Kelly
Otto Kruger
Gary Cooper
Katy Jurado
Thomas Mitchell
Henry Morgan
Lon Chaney
Lloyd Bridges
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