Hitler: the Last Ten Days

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For all its specious moralising - the Simon Ward character is clearly intended to be the 'conscience of Germany', and Alistair Cooke's scene-setting narration is similarly intended as the 'voice of authority' - this account of life in the bunker quickly topples over into uneasy farce, with Alec Guinness' Hitler seeming more like a character from Kind Hearts and Coronets than the frightening political figure he was. Juxtaposing newsreel footage with dramatised reconstructions doesn't help either.

By: PH

Release details

Duration: 104 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Ennio De Concini
Screenwriter: Enni De Concini, Mari Pia Fusco, Wolfgang Reinhardt
Cast: Alec Guinness
Doris Kunstmann
Simon Ward
Adolfo Celi
Diane Cilento
Gabriele Ferzetti
Eric Porter
Joss Ackland
Sheila Gish
Timothy West
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