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3 out of 5 stars

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There are beautiful moments from David Hockney’s home-video stash in this thoughtful doc. At a dance at the Royal College of Art in the late ’50s, he whirls his partner round, so full of life it looks like his heart will burst. A few years later, at home in Yorkshire, his dad grabs the fag Hockney is smoking – no matter how famous you are, smoking on the street is not done in Bradford.

You’ll get no big revelations. Just stories from the artist, his friends and models. Hockney talks about coming out when it was still illegal. A friend remembers watching TV with him when a Clairol ad came on with the slogan ‘Blondes have more fun.’ Hockney rushed to the chemist and his Boris Johnson-meets-a-clown hair was born. Now 77, he says he’ll die on his feet. That ‘work first, everything else after’ rule guides this doc.

By: Cath Clarke


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Release date: Friday November 28 2014
Duration: 112 mins

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Director: Randall Wright
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