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One from cult shock-meister William Castle, of The Tingler fame. Castle himself introduces this passably creepy tale about an Old Dark House, a murderous blonde, a paralysed old Swedish woman, and a mysterious young man. Not quite his loopiest film, it cribs brazenly from Psycho, to good effect. This time, the gimmick-fixated maestro didn't go as far as wiring up cinema seats or dangling creepy crawlies from the ceiling; instead, the faint-hearted were offered a 'fright break' in which to make their excuses and leave.

By: JRo

Release details

Duration: 87 mins

Cast and crew

Director: William Castle
Screenwriter: Robb White
Cast: Glenn Corbett
Patricia Breslin
Jean Arless
Eugenie Leontovich
Alan Bunce
Richard Rust
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