Horrors of the Black Museum

Film, Horror
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The first of Anglo-Amalgamated's loose trilogy of Sadian horror movies - the others being Circus of Horrors and Michael Powell's infinitely superior Peeping Tom - anticipates Powell's interest in voyeurism with its opening scene of a woman's eyes being gouged out by a pair of viciously spiked binoculars. Thereafter, as Gough's novelist devises a series of horrible crimes in order to make his work more appealing to a sensation-hungry readership, the film continues as a tacky catalogue of gratuitously nasty tortures and murders. Indeed, it's as lascivious and leering in its approach as the great British public it purports to condemn. Lurid and innuendo-laden, it's an intriguing oddity.


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81 mins

Cast and crew

Arthur Crabtree
Aben Kandel, Herman Cohen
Michael Gough
Graham Curnow
June Cunningham
Shirley Ann Field
Geoffrey Keen
Gerald Andersen
Beatrice Varley

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2 out of 5 stars

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"it would be nice if all copies of the movie could be burned for the safety of children" What? Come again? What is this drivel? "Rose of Sharon" (!) is taking the piss, right? She couldn't have seen it when she was 9 - not in the UK anyway - it was X-rated. And if she was living in some less censorious territory - what the flaming fuck was your "sister" doing taking you to a movie obviously intended for adults?

In 1959 when I was 9 years old my older sister took me to this movie, It caused serious trama, night terriors, and much fear in my life. My parents took much time trying to undo what this horrible movie did to me. I still remember it and woud not advise anyone to see it. It is not at all fit for children or youth to see. As a child of 9 years old I really believed that horrible things were going to happen to me. It took years for me to get over it and it would be nice if all copies of the movie could be burned for the safety of children. Children's minds are not developed to understand between what they see in a movie and what is real life. I remember the day after I say the movie I wondered around the yard unable to think correctly, It was my Grandmother that first noticed that something was wrong with me and took me to my parents who tried to undo the damage. They most likely did the best they could but it put fear in me that the world a very unsafe place for me to live and I might be killed at any time.