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There’s a revolutionary conceit behind ‘Humpday’, and it’s not the tawdry question of what would happen if two straight dudes had sex on camera. If all Lynn Shelton’s film offered was a crude ‘will they, won’t they?’ dramatic striptease, the movie would soon grow tiresome. Which is where the real high concept comes in: what if we took the laidback, stunted heroes of a Judd Apatow comedy and stranded them in the too-cool-for-school environs of a zero-budget mumblecore romance? And then got them to have sex on camera?

Office drone Ben (Mark Duplass) is happy with his humdrum existence until he attends a party with long-lost buddy Andrew (Joshua Leonard). Eager to prove he can still cut loose, Ben agrees to take part in an upcoming DIY porn film festival: having sex with Andrew.

Shelton’s sardonic eye for the rituals of masculine bonding is unerring: as the pressure on our heroes builds, the deal develops from a stoned bet into a bizarre test of manhood. The characters are wholly believable: is Andrew, with his globetrotting past and smooth line with the ladies really more ‘manly’ than homebody Ben, with his picket fence and steady income? But what finally lifts ‘Humpday’ above macho junk like ‘The Hangover’ is its all-inclusive warmth: for all their adolescent self-delusion, Shelton truly loves these characters. And after 90 minutes, so will you.

By: Tom Huddleston


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Director: Lynn Shelton
Screenwriter: Lynn Shelton
Cast: Mark Duplass
Joshua Leonard
Alycia Delmore
Lynn Shelton
Trina Willard
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I thought it was a funny film and the plot sufficiently credible. (Something many scriptwriters, directors, and cast would have a problem pulling off.) Maybe a couple of minutes could have fallen to the cutting room floor, but that applies to most films. There was a good mix of people in the audience when I saw it, with many gasps, and laughs. I thought the subject matter was very well handled, and not offensive in any way. Recommended.