Identity Thief

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Identity Thief

Melissa McCarthy’s profile is on an upward curve after ‘Bridesmaids’, and the dilemma for this amply proportioned comedian is whether to hold out for material that capitalises on her bolshy personality and quickfire wit, or sign on now for starring roles that essentially make fun of the fat lady.

Here, she has unfortunately chosen the latter. She plays a scheming sociopath who runs a lucrative fake credit card scam by posing as an online security company. The latest schmuck dumb enough to give her his details is corporate bookkeeper Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman), whose life hits a downward spiral as a result, causing him to travel across country and bring his tormentor to justice. So, after grinding through a few topical story gears, ‘Identity Thief’ settles into a formula odd-couple road movie. It saddles Bateman with a thankless uptight straight-man role while heaping serial slapstick ignominies on his co-star, who gamely bounds through everything the script throws at her.

A single laugh just before the end counts as a poor return for any so-called comedy. But even worse is the sheer cynicism involved in assuming it’s okay to portray full-figured McCarthy’s character as a physically ridiculous, unloved and unlovable monster, providing she’s given a couple of moments that show her in a sympathetic light. Ugly and seriously unfunny.


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Friday March 22 2013
111 mins

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Seth Gordon
Jason Bateman
Melissa McCarthy
John Cho

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Identity Thief is a good film for when you'd like to have a good time watching a lighthearted film that will make you laugh, but don't expect much more from it. The plot is quite predictable, but the two comedic actors, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman "save" the film, in a way, by delivering a good performance rich in jokes. Overall it's a nice and funny film, so if you are looking for a laugh then this is the film for you. 


Absolutely appalling, if I could give this film zero stars I would. It’s not the total lack of any intelligent humour in the script or even the wincingly painful, embarrassingly crude set pieces that are the worst, it’s the fact that two generally and genuinely good comedic actors thought this film was worth their albeit limited time and effort.

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy should be truly ashamed of having anything to do with a film that thinks it’s never funnier than when we’re laughing at McCarthy’s character along with most of the other characters on screen or that thinks her overbearing two dimensional can only be forgiven when she is allowed a random moment or two of being ‘a good person’.

This film is long and boring and even some half decent supporting actors such as John Cho and Robert Patrick look a bit like they’d rather be anywhere else, doing anything else. When you look at a film like ‘Bridesmaids’ or a series like ‘Arrested Development’ and then you watch this, trust me, you’ll find yourself wondering how the common links could be so brilliant in the former and so excruciatingly dreadful in the latter.

Can any pay cheque be worth having this credit on your IMDb profile? Apparently the answer is yes but I remain unconvinced...


I enjoyed watching this film. There were enough laugh out loud moments and the storyline wasn't as predictable as I expected it would be. The acting is pretty good too.

Amusing road trip comedy. It may lack the "artistic merit" of critics fave `In the House` but I enjoyed this a whole lot more.