I'm All Right, Jack

Film, Comedy
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The best of the Boultings' warm, vulgar, affectionate satires. The travails of silly-ass hero Carmichael are only mildly amusing, but the film blazes into life with the arrival of Sellers' Stalinist Don Quixote, tilting with alarming predictability at the windmills constructed by his class enemies. The Red Robbos of this world may be an unfairly easy target, but Sellers' caricature is affectionate, not malicious. Accusations of union-bashing are misplaced. The workers may all be dumb clods who sleep with their vests on, but there's a grudging appreciation of their truculent cynicism, and Attenborough's horrid little entrepreneur discovers that in making them the dupes of his capitalist crookery he brings about his own downfall.

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Release details

Duration: 105 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Boulting
Screenwriter: Frank Harvey, John Boulting, Alan Hackney
Cast: Ian Carmichael
Peter Sellers
Irene Handl
Richard Attenborough
Dennis Price
Liz Fraser
Margaret Rutherford
Miles Malleson
John Le Mesurier
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